Boosted Stealth skateboard - Plus - Mini

Boosted Boards announced their all new 2018 generation boards. Most people may already know the Boosted Stealth skateboard, mainly due to YouTubers like Casey Neistat, but the new Mini Boards also look very interesting. Learn all about the new Boosted Boards in our preview!

The Lineup

There are two categories of Boards: The wellknown Longboards and now also the Mini Boards, which are cruiserboards. Both are available as the normal version in Boosteds orange color scheme and a high performance version, which is just grey," reflecing the pure performance characteristics", as Boosteds CTO puts it. Pricing has, compared to the V2s release prices, actually dropped! Shipping will start in May.

Boosted Stealth skateboard - 1699$

Boosted Boards Gen 3 - Photo: Boosted
Boosted Boards Gen 3 - Photo: Boosted

The new Boosted Stealth skateboard is Boosteds flagship. With its new hyper mode, you can go 24mph while still accelerating smooth but powerfull, that's what Boosted is well known for. Inclines up to 25% are no problem and the extended range battery should get you up to 14miles of range. The all new composite deck, similar to Mellows BuddyBudy decks, retains the flex and should make for a smooth ride.

wheel - Photo: Boosted
wheel - Photo: Boosted

Boosted also now uses their own 85mm wheels, instead of Orangatang wheels.

Boosted Plus - 1499$

Boostedboard Plus - Photo: Boosted
Boostedboard Plus - Photo: Boosted

The Boosted Plus looks very similar to the old Boosted Dual +, but it also features a wider coposite deck and ships with the extended range battery for up to 14 miles of range. Topspeed and riding modes have not changed, so you will still hit 22mph. The wheels are now also Boosted Stratus 85mm.

Boosted Mini S and Mini X - 825-1099$

With a deck that is only 29.5inches long, the Boosted Mini are more portable and easier to carry. The standard range battery in the Mini S gets you 7miles with a topspeed of 18mph, while still beeing air-travel friendly. The extended range battery in the Mini X will get you 14miles of range and a topspeed of 20mph.  Apart from this, the main difference is the grey color scheme of the Mini X.

Both Boards have Boosteds new 80mm Lunar wheels and their composite decks come equipped with a kicktail for sharper turns.

With its rather low price, this Boosted board may also be a great entry level e-board. Our favorite is the Onewheel.

Photo: Boosted
Photo: Boosted

For more infos, check out boostedboards.com !

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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