CabraTec EasyGoat 2019 electric foil models

As the season is starting the CabraTec EasyGoat 2019 models were presented and the team around Mira send us a few updates. The price did increase from last year about 1,000 EUR due to improved components as well as last years price was a promo price. The product does look very similar, but if you look under the hood quite a few improvements were done.

CabraTec EasyGoat electric hydrofoil
CabraTec EasyGoat

The boards are still available in the colours white/orange and white/blue but it have now:

  • a higher rocker
  • a more hydronamic fuselage
  • a reworked plate
  • a mast with 50% stiffer aluminium
  • one connector for all 3 motor cables
  • a smoother propeller
  • a big board bag
  • and wing protectors

The 2019 CabraTec EasyGoat electric hydrofoils are limited to 5 horsepower (3.8 kW) in order avoid a boat license in some countries such like Czech Republic and France. The lithium ion battery has now an improved BMS (battery management system) and a plug & play charger which is easy to use. The 2018 model was coming without a charger and needed some DIY experience from the riders.

CabraTec EasyGoat set:

The set comes with following components:

  • inflatable board
  • pump
  • inner board with electronics
  • remote control
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • 220 V charger for a 3 hours charging time
  • foil, mast and propeller
  • wings
  • bag with wheels
  • english manual
  • 1 year warranty

Extra batteries are available for 1,190 EUR.

CabraTec EasyGoat set
CabraTec EasyGoat set

EasyGoat features:

The water-proof inner board in the center fo the inflatable hull is made out of carbon and so is the 78 cm front wing in U shape which is attached to 80 cm aluminium mast.  The maximum is speed shall be 35 km/h while the board is supposed to start foiling at 15 km/h. Next to the standard CabraTec EasyGoat boards there is now a XXL board available for 100 EUR more. The XXL board is white/black and is serving riders above 85 kg. The remote control was completely redone. It has now a more ergonomic shape and the display is showing the speed in real-time due to an added GPS system. You can select out of 3 power modes in order to adjust the maximum speed depending on the experience and weight of the rider.

The display is not only showing the speed and the mode but addition the remaining battery charge of the board. It is floatable and of course water-proof and the battery shall last for 12 hours. Future updates can be loaded via WiFi.

CabraTec EasyGoat 2019 remote control
CabraTec EasyGoat 2019 remote control

The weight of the inflatable hydrofoil board is 12 kg plus another 4 kg for the battery. This is very light for the battery (usually about 15 kg from other manufacturers) and explains the slightly lower range of 50 minutes at a reduced horsepower of 3.8 kW (most other e-foils are offering 60 minutes at 5kW). Less battery cells bring down the production price and explains the low price and we assume that the battery back is not sealed like other batteries and bet on the water-proof inner board. If you pack the board together the dimension are just 85 x 45 x 35 cm which can be easily stored in a small car. According to CabraTec it just takes 5 minutes to assemble the board.

CabraTec 2019 summary:

Well this looks like quite a lot of improvements over the 2018 CabraTec EasyGoat foils and the price is about half of the ones of Lift Foils and Fliteboard. We still believe that Lift and Flite are advanced in quality and technology but it is good to see that competition is bringing the price down and not everybody can afford a retail price of 15,000 EUR for the high quality brands.

The EasyGoat does still not have any duct or safety guard for the propeller. We had a lot of discussion about this in the forum. Some people think there is no need, but some think it is too dangerous without a protection. I guess everybody has to make his own decision here. You do see quite a few pictures on social media where the duct is missing from several brands including Flite and Lift to increase the performance. If a safety guard would be added, the efficiency would probably go down about 20% which would mean a need for a more powerful motor and battery with more performance. With that the price would certainly go up.

We tested the 2018 models last year and are very much looking forward to meet Mira in the near future to have a look at the new models. More information at the company website at cabratec.com and you can easily compare e-hydrofoils in our electric e-foil comparison with other manufacturers. You can also ask question in our forum.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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