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CabraTec founder Miroslav Schuetz also known as "Mira" visited us in Berlin and we had a chance to interview him about his plans for the EasyGoat electric hydrofoil.

The EasyGoat is so far the most inexpensive e-Foil we have seen and we will publish a review soon.

CabraTec founder Miroslav Schuetz
CabraTec founder Miroslav Schuetz

E-Surfer: When you were a teenager, which were your most favourite sports you did yourself?

Mira: Kite, kite, kite. I love kitesurfing no mater if on the water on snow or with my home-made mountainboard.

19 years old Mira Kitesurfing in 2007
19 years old Mira Kitesurfing in 2007

E-Surfer: When did you have the idea of an motorised surfboard? Was an electric hydrofoil your first choice?

Mira: I am a kid of Don Montague 🙂

2016 when I saw his concept I was amazed.

Motorized surfboards never took my attention so much. 30kg and 30 minutes... No thanks.

20kg and 90 minutes (on current EasyGoat), it was a WOW this makes sense.

E-Surfer: How did your first prototype look like?

Mira: Here are photos of my first BMW kitefoil, that was later rebuild to E-foil, but it was to small and I build a larger board.

Miras first BMW hydrofoil prototype
Miras first BMW hydrofoil prototype

Later there was a prototype of inflatable and this was so good that all other ways to go we canceled.

First EasyGoat prototype
First EasyGoat prototype

E-Surfer: Was your intention to build a business or where you developing for your own fun?

CabraTec founder Miroslav Schuetz: At the beginning it was like for many others just a challenge to build the thing and ride it.

Later when it started working, people were asking to buy it, but it was a bit pricy.

When Lift appeared, suddenly EasyGoat did not seem pricy any more and this was the time to think about business.

If they would come with a bit reasonable price and better weight/ride-time ratio, I would just buy it and there would be no EasyGoat now.

E-Surfer: Which were / are the biggest challenges?

Mira: I believe the challenge is the complexity, that is what I love.

Electronic running below water, hydrodynamic, surfing, composites and other issues all together.

E-Surfer: Which was your biggest success so far?

1) Delivering the EasyGoat to first test-pilots only 2 weeks after the big budget competitors.

2) Lifting up with my girlfriend (130 Kg) ...I mean.. together. Standard EasyGoat, XL board. (see picture above)

3) My biggest personal success is 3rd place on Redbull Ragnarok 2017, the biggest snow-kite competition on the world.

Mira won 3rd place at Redbull Ragnarok 2017 SnowKite Race
Mira won 3rd place at Redbull Ragnarok 2017 SnowKite Race

E-Surfer: How often are you riding your own boards?

Mira: I am testing the boards and new setups almost daily, but what I found out is that it is important to go once per week just for fun (no GPS, current, temperature measuring, logging, no drone, no cameras).

Just riding, not to forget why we do this. The best time for me is quite late with sunset.

E-Surfer: What do you plan or the future?

Scaling the production and giving the E-foil experience to more people.

But we are going slowly, selling only as many as we can support well.

E-Surfer: Anything else your would like to share with your fans?

I tried wide range of sports, played chess, violin and even salsa dancing.

And whatever you do there is community and it is not always good.

But E-foil community seems to be very good. Just seeing this on our first customers everyday.

They do not complain when something is not flawless, they are just working with us on a better EasyGoat. They have my biggest thanks.

Thank you, Mira

More information about CabraTec at: cabratec.com

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