eFoil 1.5 - Lift Foils is launching new models with many updates

At a time where most electric hydrofoil companies are just starting to ship - Lift Foils is releasing new models with updated functionality and improvements. Lift has sold more than 1,000 eFoils and could collect a lot of customer feedback which resulted into the next generation boards. You could call it the eFoil 1.5.

Lift Foils eFoil 1.5 Board options
Lift Foils eFoil 1.5 Board options

If you just bought a Lift Foils eFoil you should be not disappointed as most of the improvements are also available for the eFoil 1.0 as well through a software update. Software updates will include increased throttle precision, improved battery performance and accuracy, and multiple safety functions available for the complete system. All hardware is modular and can be upgraded as accessories.

Lift Foils eFoil 2019
Lift Foils eFoil 2019

So what is new at the eFoil 1.5?

The eFoil 1.5 boards

The boards have updated shapes which enables a more "sporty" riding style as well as additional board sizes to match a variety of peoples weights and abilities.The construction of the boards have seen improvements with further reinforcement in critical areas for increased durability. They also have an improved hatch compartment to secure the battery with a simple one twist locking method and guaranteed waterproofing.

eFoil electric hydrofoil
Lift electric hydrofoil

In addition the sealing of the battery box was improved and the electrical box can now be replaced with just 4 screws in order to make it easier to switch the boards.

BTW, the boards. You now have the choice of 4 different boards:

The 5'0 Sport model is replacing the earlier e1 Sport model and the 5'6 Cruiser model replaces the e1 Standard model. They are the top sellers and the best fit for most riders.

The 6'2 Explorer model was originally announced as the "Schoolboard" and is designed for rentals and schools or for riders who want to take it easy.

Completely new is the 4'4 pro model which is (as the name is suggesting) for professionals and very advanced riders. It offers maximum speed and manoeuvrability.

Foil 1.5 Wings

The Classic Wings are still the same, but on top Lift is now offering the SURF SERIES wings for the eFoils as well. This gives the rider much more options to find the right wing setup for his riding styles as front wings and rear wings can nowbe chosen individually.

Lift Foils eFoil Wings
Lift Foils eFoil Wings

Also the propeller was slightly re-designed for a smoother ride.

eFoil 1.5 software updates

The software updates will be made available in near future for the eFoil 1.0 as well. It includes new software for the remote control, the motor and the battery. They feature for example a more accurate battery charge display and a smoother throttle.

The update will be rolled out to some beta-users such like us before it will be rolled out to all eFoil users via the Lift Foils smartphone app.

The battery itself has not changed other than a software update. As you can see in the following video it is pretty much state of the art:

When will the new eFoil boards be available?

The new boards are available now. Our shop was updated. If you order today you will receive an eFoil 1.5 board within 1-2 weeks. They are available in white, black and blue, but the first batch of models will be white.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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