Electric hydrofoil Jetski WaveFlyer from Australia

The WaveFlyer is an electric hydrofoil Jetski developed in Australia. A new concept for a hydrofoil powered personal watercraft.

We see more and more prototypes for electric powered PWC, but this concept is new. The hydrofoil approach is already revolutionizing the electric surfboard market as the sales numbers of eFoils are overtaking the numbers of Jetboards. We can certainly testify that it is an awesome experience to fly above water with an electric hydrofoil. But the eFoils are very light and small and you have a lot of freedom to carve around. An electric Jetski however is pretty heavy and might not be as maneuverable.

There are already few electric boats with hydrofoils out and the main reason seems to be so reduce energy consumption, because of less drag from the water surface. This is what made the eFoils successful. But even with the eFoil it is not possible to make as aggressive turns as with a Jet Board. We saw some e-boats with hydrofoil live and did even ride one. Same thing here and we believe it must be also the same with an electric hydrofoil Jetski such as the WaveFlyer from Australia. Look at the following video:

The WaveFlyer electric PWC is developed by Electro Nautic which is an subsidiary of Electro Aero. These guys develop electric motors for small planes and paraglider. Both companies are based out of Perth in Western Australia. The WaveFlyer is using swappable and upgradable lithium battery packs and is controlled by a joystick and steering wheel. A touch screen display shows speed and battery charge and lets make you changes in the settings.

It seems that the electric Jetski version is just one of the concepts as the website shows different small boats as well. These don't really look very comfortable in our opinion. Please have a look at the following picture.


It looks like Electro Nautic wants to license their patent pending auto-stabilizing electric foils to other vessel manufacturers. The computer based auto-stabilizing is another hin in our opinion that it will probably not good for aggressive turns. What do you think about this concept?

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