The phrase „ electric skateboard for sale “ is one of the most common search terms on search engines if it comes to electric skateboards.

Reason enough for us to show you where you can buy electric skateboards and (from a European perspective) what you need to know if you import from outside the EU.

electric skateboard for sale
electric skateboard for sale

If possible we recommend Europeans to order locally in the EU in order to save time, taxes and fees and to have local support.

If you order in Europe directly from oversees you may want to keep some things in mind, which we will explain further down in the article. But we will also share some insights the other way around if you import from the EU to overseas.

You can compare the different electric skateboards for sale in our >Electric Skateboard Comparison 2017.

electric skateboard for sale in Europe

Let’s start with some of the European electric skateboard manufacturers and the ones which have a European distributor or reseller.


There is Mellowboards from Hamburg, Germany which is selling the electric skateboard conversion kit Mellow Drive for 1,699 EUR, but also complete boards with decks. You can order directly from their website at http://www.mellowboards.com

Evolve Skateboards is from Australia, but has a distributor in Dusseldorf, Germany and you can buy the Evolve One starting at 1,099 EUR, the Bamboo GTX for 1,759 EUR and the Carbon GT for 2089 EUR. There are a few other models in between. Check it out at http://www.evolveskateboards.de

Another electric skateboard company from Germany is Mo-Bo. You may know them for their „Monster Truck“ electric skateboard, but they have also a few interesting new models. The range is from 699 EUR to 2,799 EUR and you can explore all their models at http://mo-bo.de

Last but least there are a couple of low entry boards you can buy on Amazon starting at 499 EUR such like Wizzard, Yuneec, Ninestep, Ethon, E-Glider and others. There are even Boards for 199 EUR, which we not recommend (you get what you pay for), but starting at around 500 EUR you can get a pretty good beginner board.

electric skateboard from-Evolve Skateboards
electric skateboard from-Evolve Skateboards

Electric skateboard for sale - Import into the EU

Now many other boards like Boostedboard, Inboard, etc. are not available yet to buy from a European website or reseller.

This is what you should keep in mind, if you order an electric skateboard from overseas. We made our experience with the Onewheel+ XR ordered from Future Motion in San Jose.


  • Ordered and paid March 8th 2017
  • Estimated delivery date originally end of April 2017
  • Sent out from San Jose on June 2nd (we want to highlight that other electric skateboard vendors also have delays)
  • Arrived at German customs at June 9th and got stuck due to weak documentation
  • We contacted Future Motion to resolve it, but no reaction for days.
  • After checking the Fedex tracking link for 3 days without any movement we reached out directly to the customs and sent further documentation
  • 2 more days of no movement. Several phone calls and emails with customs and Fedex. We finally had to approve to pay custom fees and tax.
  • On June 12th the Onewheel+ finally arrived

I guess without interacting actively we would have waited at least another few days as Future Motion itself was unresponsive. In the worst case the shipment would have gone back to California


Next to the delays there were additional expenses.

On top of the purchasing price of 1,499 USD which we payed directly to Future Motion via credit card on the day of order we had following expenses:

  • shipping cost of 350 USD (directly to Future Motion on the day of order)
  • custom fees of 2,7 % from purchase price plus shipping cost 52,64 EUR (to Fedex)
  • VAT of 284.81 EUR (19% of purchasing price plus shipping cost ) (to Fedex)
  • Fedex handling fees of 12,50 EUR (to Fedex)
  • VAT for Fedex handling fees 2,38 EUR (to Fedex)

Overall cost about 2,100 USD

BoostedBoard electric skateboard
BoostedBoard electric skateboard

So please keep this in mind if you chose a electric skateboard for sale from another region.

Electric skateboard for sale - Import from the EU

Due to the strong custom regulations in Europe (especially Germany) some of the European electric skateboard manufacturers are taking a different approach when they ship their products around the world.

We talked to Mellowboards from Germany and they explained that they do not ship themselves overseas, but using a professional freight forwarder with international experience. Each country has its own rules and only professional shipping companies have the experience to deal with all the different regulations and therefore avoid shipping delays.

Mo-Bo electric skateboard
Mo-Bo electric skateboard

Mellowboards is also declaring the correct VAT and fees on their website when you choose your country, which avoids surprises. They successfully exported their boards and kit to countries like Senegal, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Arabic Emirates, Honkong, Canada, USA and Australia. Mellowboards published actually a video about how they handle exports: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSzKfCxzft4&t=2s

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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