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Electric SUP with solar power

Through a cooperation between Indiana SUP, e-Propulsion and the ZHAW School of Engineering, the first Electric SUP with solar power was presented at boot 2018.

The electric SUP concept was developed by the ZHAW in Zurich and a SUP surfboard from Indiana SUP and a drive from e-Propulsion were used. Since most SUP surfboard users prefer sunny days, the concept of a solar powered E-Sup is quite smart. It is currently only a prototype, but the idea has potential.

Electric SUP with solar power
Electric SUP with solar power

The Indiana SUP board has a length of 426.7 cm and a width of 78.75 cm. It is 15 cm thick and has a volume of 365 liters. The solar panels used were from Sunware (model SW-22145) with a surface area of 75 square centimeters. These panels deliver a peak performance of 100 Wh.

The ePropulsion battery delivers 333 Wh and thus a range of 1.1 hours at a top speed of 8 km / h. At 5 km / h, the range should be a full 9 hours. You can compare the ePropulsion unit with other sup motors in our e-sup comparison.

The ZHAW School from Back has made a few calculations how many months a year in Copenhagen and on Palma de Mallorca there is enough sun for a complete charge. In Copenhagen the sun can provide enough energy for a full charge on a sunny day in 4 months (May to August). In Palma de Mallorca this is 7 months from March to September.

SUP with solar drive
SUP with solar drive

So you just leave the stand up paddle board with solar drive in the sun during the day and you don't need electricity from the socket. That sounds promising and would be very practical for an E-SUP rental station. We will follow the project further and keep you up to date. Let us know what you think about this concept in our forum.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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