The phrase „electric surfboard for sale“ is one of the most common search terms on search engines if it come to electric surfboards.

Reason enough for us to show you where you can buy electric surfboards and (from a European perspective) what you need to know if you import from outside the EU.

If possible we recommend Europeans to order locally in the EU in order to save time, taxes and fees and to have local support.

electric surfboard for sale
electric surfboard for sale

UPDATE: You can now compare the different boards in our electric surfboard shop

From a European perspective we can be happy that 5 out of the 6 electric surfboard vendors come from Europe. Waterwolf, Lampuga and Waterrebels from Germany. Onean from Spain and Radinn from Sweden.

Electric Surfboard Review
Electric Surfboard Review - Onean Carver

Waterwolf offers the MPX-3 for about 12,000 EUR on their website As with others vendors you have to prepay 50% when you order and the product is hipping within a few weeks.

Lampuga from Hamburg offers their models Air, Boost and Rescue between 14,000 and 33,000 USD on their website, but not right now since they announced bankruptcy in April 2017. That’s said we got notice end of June that they are currently refurbishing their boards and that we should expect good news in July 2017.

Also Waterrebels from Berlin does offer their electric surfboard online via The board will probably be available end of 2017 for about 15,000 USD.

The Spanish manufacturer Onean has with it Carver surfboard the cheapest model in the market for 4,130 EUR at The attractive offer has a caveat though. The limited horsepower is only goof for riders below 72 kg, but Onean is according to insider information working on a model with more power.

Last but not least there is Radinn from Sweden who offers an electric Wakeboard for 15,000 EUR at

electric surfboard comparison
electric surfboard comparison

The Lift Foils team from Puerto Rico has with the eFoil an electric hydrofoil to offer at For 12,000 USD (plus taxes and fees) they will start shipping in November 2017 with a limited number of boards.

But let’s talk about the additional taxes and fees when you import from outside Europe.


Next to the eFoil we expect other manufacturers from outside Europe in the near future. It has probably value for both the importers from the EU and the manufacturers outside the EU what this means in terms of customs, fees and so on.

eFoil electric hydrofoil
eFoil electric hydrofoil

We guess that over time you will also find more Kickstarter projects from overseas.

Many people do not know that for example in the US you do not need to include the VAT in the price tag like you do in European countries. BTW, this is even difficult if you ship worldwide. However, please check upfront if VAT is included or not.

Especially German customs make it not easy to import goods. They have strong regulations in terms of documentations which most of the companies outside of the EU don’t meet. Our guess is that 50% of the shipments will get stuck in German customs for not meeting the requirements of documentations. Not only because these are new and unknown products.

Shipping by air might be another problem due to high power lithium ion batteries.

Additional costs when importing to the EU

  • When we imported an electric skateboard we had shipping cost of 350 USD (we expect it to be more expensive for an electric surfboard)
  • custom fees of 2,7 % (product price plus shipping)
  • VAT 19% (Germany) (product price plus shipping)
  • handling fees of shipping companyWe hope this topic electric surfboard for sale was helpful for you.Don’t get us wrong. We do not tell you you should not order your loved toys from oversees, if you want it. We just want to give you some insights about what to expect. Don’t forget the missing local support.However, we think it is just a question of time until you will find local distributors and resellers in Europe (or the other way around in overseas).We will keep you updated ...
If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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