Electric surfboard guide for boot 2019

Our electric surfboard guide will help you to not miss any jetboards at boot 2019 which started today in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The show is running still until Sunday January 27th and you can expect to see plenty of new electric jetboards and hydrofoils of manufacturers from all over the world.

Last year we saw Lampuga, Jetsurf, Radinn, CURF and Mertek in Dusseldorf around boot 2018 which you can review in our boot 2018 article.

This year at least 9 companies including Fliteboard and Lift Foils will have booth.

This is the first time after the Jetboard Festival in Spain from Jetboard Limited that you can see so much boards next to each other.

E Surfer
Hudson from Fliteboard at boot 2019

We will keep this electric surfboard guide updated with all booth numbers, so that you can easily find the manufacturers.

You will also find us a couple of days at boot 2019. We will be in Dusseldorf from Thursday January 24th to Saturday January 26th.

Allstar Team with Tanja, Wayne and Mike at boot 2018
Allstar Team with Tanja, Wayne and Mike at boot 2018

Liftfoils eFoil

Liftfoils from Puerto Rico will exhibit its electric hydrofoils in hall 4 booth C15.

Nick Leason and team will showcase next to their eFoil models a world premiere with their folding propeller.

folding propeller by Liftfoils
folding propeller by Liftfoils

Check out the video about the folding propeller at Vimeo.



David Trewern and his Fliteboard team from Australia will present their boards in hall 4 booth F25.

Fliteboard booth at boot 2019
Fliteboard booth at boot 2019

You can use an interactive map from boot 2019 to find their booth.


Lampuga was already impressing us 2018 with their huge booth.

Lampuga booth last night before the show was opening
Lampuga booth last night before the show was opening

This year they will exhibit with a similar booth in hall 4 booth A61 and showcasing the Lampuga Air and Lampuga Boost


CURF booth at boot 2019
CURF booth at boot 2019

Benjamin Koehnsen founder of the CURF surfboards will present his jetboards in hall 4 booth 4D03 in partnership with their distributor eFun Europe lead by Frank Koehler.


Jetsurf booth at boot 2019
Jetsurf booth at boot 2019

Jetsurf is the leader in petrol powered surfboards and will show next to its 2019 petrol models also the latest version of their electric surfboard, the Jetsurf Electric.

Jetsurf Electric at boot 2019
Jetsurf Electric at boot 2019

You can fin the Jetsurf booth at:   Hall 4 / A56

AWAKE jetboards

The Awake team from Sweden is showing their electric jetboard also in hall 4. This will be the first time for many of us to see the board life.

awake team showing live performance
awake team showing live performance

AWAKE can be found at A26 at hall 4.

Mertek & Vaquita

ePropulsion is present though their german reseller and you can find the booth at hall 13 D66.

They present present the MERTEK S1 board and Vaquita SUP motor at the show.

OLO One surfboard

A new kid on the block is OLO from Germany who is showing the first time a luxury electric jetboard for 24.999 EUR plus VAT.

OLO One surfboard
OLO One surfboard

You can see the OLO One jetboard in hall 4 booth F31.


Jetwake from Korea is also showing their Jetwake surfboard in hall 4.

Jetwake B200 at boot 2019
Jetwake B200 at boot 2019

Manufacturers who are visiting

A few other manufacturers are not exhibiting but visiting the show. This includes Waterwolf, Cabratec, ESURF and Onean.

The guys are exchanging the days where they will be present in our forum at the topic boot 2019.

Electric surfboard guide summary:

  • Fliteboard: hall 4 booth F25
  • Liftfoils: hall 4 booth C15
  • Lampuga: hall 4 booth A61
  • Jetsurf: hall 4 A 56
  • CURF: hall 4 D03
  • Awake: hall 4 A26
  • Jetwake: hall 4 A39.2
  • OLO One: hall 4 booth F31
  • Mertek & Vaquita: hall 13 D55

More information about the boot show in Dusseldorf at

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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