ELEVATE - inflatable electric foil surfboard

The Elevate is an inflatable electric foil surfboard which is developed in Germany close to the Bodensee and continues the studies of the swedish evolo hydrofoil project

The idea is to develop a multi purpose foil surfboard which can be used with an electric powered expeller engine or be used as a foil windsurf- or even kiteboard and the goal oft he study is to show that it is possible to ride at speeds of 30km/h with only 1KW electric power.

Elevate electric Hydrofoil
Elevate electric Hydrofoil

The inflatable electric foil surfboard is 90 inches or 228 cm long, 31 inches or 80 cm wide and has a total weight of 55 lbs or 25 kg. If you deflate the Elevate and dismount the mast and wings you can easily store it in the back of a car.

The team has recently developed their engine 2.0 (called Dual-Pod) using an expeller which is supposed to cut the price of the engine by 50%.

The Expeller design is supposed to cut the price of the engine by 50%
The Expeller design is supposed to cut the price of the engine by 50%

The expeller engine has 2,000 watt and the swappable batteries are good for a 30 minutes ride or a range of 9.3 miles or 15 km.

Expeller engine
Expeller engine

The cruise speed of the Elevate board is about 15.5-18.6 mph or 25-30 km/h.

Given the amount of electric hydrofoils which are entering the market in 2018, the Elevate team is limiting the amount of information they are releasing at this time.

The video which you can also find in our video section is promising and the fact that the complete inflatable electric foil surfboard fits into the back of a car is great.

Inflatable electric foil surfboard from Germany
Inflatable electric foil surfboard from Germany

The eFoil is currently the only electric hydrofoil which will be available in a limited number in 2017. Many others like Eldoridedo will follow 2018.

Check them out in our electric surfboard comparison.

Most of the electric Foils come with a price tag above 10,000 USD. Good to see that new inventions will bring down prices in the future .

For more information visit the Elevate website.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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