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ESURF electric surfboard review by Allstar Tour Team

ESURF CEO and founder Alexander Frederiksen was visiting the Allstar Tour Team in Spain for an ESURF electric surfboard review.

The electric power jetboard from Sweden was able to convince the team with its performance and quality.

ESURF electric surfboard review
ESURF electric surfboard review

The Allstar Tour Team test riders Wayne and Mike got a second opportunity to ride the ESURF BETA und to interview Alexander end of October in Sotogrande, Spain.

The ESURF offers a top speed of over 60 km/h at a very low weight. The board including bindings is about 9,9 kg plus the 15 kg for the battery. So 24.9 kg in total.

It is selling for 15.300 EUR plus VAT and shipping.

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Please see test rides from Mike and Wayne in the ESURF electric surfboard review video above which includes a long interview with ESURF CEO Alexander.

60 km/h or more is pretty fast, but not the important point according to Alexander. It is the instant and aggressive acceleration which makes riding the ESURF so much fun.

Alexander with his ESURF BETA
Alexander with his ESURF BETA

The board is only 170 cm long, 58 cm wide and 11,6 cm thick which makes it possible to ride aggressive turns. The rides look very similar to JETSURF rides, but with even more instant power.

As you may know from electric cars the acceleration is advanced to petrol powered motors.

The electric motor offers 20,5 kW or 27,5 horsepower which lets the ESURF handle riders up to 150 kg. Impressive.

Mike and Alexander practising jumps
Mike and Alexander practising jumps

The battery comes with some interesting technical specs. It has the dimensions of 41,5 x 31,5 x 8,7 cm and offers 3,2 kWh at an energy density of 215 Wh per kg and 2000 W per kg.

It charges within 2 hours and extra batteries are available for 3.000 EUR. Depending on the riding style the battery lasts about 30 minutes.

The batteries of the ESURF are following automotive quality standards to ensure safety for riding, charging and storage.

Wayne interviewing Alexander
Wayne interviewing Alexander

The package comes with the board, a battery and a charger with display. The charger has the dimension 27 x 17 x 10 cm and has a weight of 2.7 kg. The standalone cost for the charger is 300 EUR.

ESURF claims the board is maintenance free and runs in conditions between 50 to minus 20 degree celsius.

It is using 2 FCS fins which can be easily replaced.

Mike is enjoying his ESURF electric surfboard review ride
Mike is enjoying his ESURF electric surfboard review ride

ESURF is offering an recycle and refurbish service for older batteries and boards, but the board is supposed to last for a long time.

Overall the ESURF BETA could very much convince the Allstar Tour team riders in our ESURF electric surfboard review and the first boards were already ordered by the team.

We can't wait to get them!

For more information visit

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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