EWAKE custom Jetboard with 3 jets from Germany

We did follow the EWAKE custom Jetboard team from Germany from the early days on social media and it seems that they are getting closer to release a commercial product after 2 years of development. It is not only very colourful, but has also some unique features. The EWAKE team around Sascha Pollrich is based out of Schwalbach in Germany.

The EWAKE custom Jetboard is offered in 2 models. The EWAKE Pro and the EWAKE Standard. Every board is handmade and you can choose your own design. The Pro model has 3 jets which is so far unique to the young start up from Germany. The standard model has 2 jets as we already know it from the Carver X and Carver Twin by Onean.
EWAKE custom Jetboard
EWAKE custom Jetboard

The E Wake standard model has full carbon hull with 2 jets and 2 brushless motors which are good for 13,7 horsepower or 10 kW and shall offer a maximum speed of 44 km/h. The 46 Ah / 50.5 Volt battery made in Germany using Sony 18650 cells is supposed to run for a 15 - 25 minutes ride. The battery can be charged in 2 hours. The weight is 24,5 kg including the battery (which weighs 9.5 kg) and has the dimensions of 152 cm x 62 xm x 12 cm. This is a short and wide design and different to the other designs we have seen in the market. The board is selling for 6,899 EUR plus shipping.

The E Wake Pro Model comes also with the custom designed full carbon hull. But it has 3 jets and 3 brushless motors which are good for 27 horsepower or 19.85 kW which promises a maximum speed of 60 km/h for a rider of 64 kg and 48 km/h for a rider of 80 kg. The Prodel weighs 29 kg and all other features are similar to the standard model. The price of the Pro model is 11,769 EUR.

The EWAKE custom Jetboard team was recently visiting Mike and Wayne in Sotogrande to kick off the 2020 Allstar Jetboard Tour. Please have a look at their video:


As mentioned in the video the handmade boards are fully customisable. Not only the design, but also if you want handles and where or which kind of foot straps. FCS fins are also available optional. And if you start with the standard model you can upgrade the jet pods later. Since the board is so short with 152 cm you can easily store it in the car. The remote control is featuring has a cruise control, which sets a fixed speed once you push a button for 3 seconds. The board has no kill switch magnet, but the motors will stop if the bluetooth connection is lost. This happens if you fall into the water or if you are more than 3 meters away from the board.

Sascha riding the E Wake Pro
Sascha riding the E Wake Pro

The E wake team is planning a bigger battery in the future to extend the riding time. What is unique about the battery is that it has a discharging feature. This is smart and we wish other batteries would have this well. It happened to us not only once that we charged the battery and then couldn’t go out for the ride. You should avoid to store a fully charged battery for a longer time, so this is a very welcome innovation. The battery is 100% waterproof according to Sascha and all space between the cells is filled with epoxy. The battery does even have a USB connector to charge the remote control or your smartphone 😉

The jets are made by MHZ from Germany. The EWAKE custom Jetboard is made out of modular components so that you don’t have to ship the entire board in case there is customer service case. According to Sascha the boards are ready for production and can be sent out 2 weeks after the order is placed. The warranty is 2 years.
More infos at
If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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