EWAVE electric surfboard preview by Allstar Team

The EWAVE electric surfboard was recently tested by the Allstar team and is expected to ship from September 2019. A few boards have already been shipped to beta users.

EWAVE electric surfboard
EWAVE electric surfboard

The Allstar Jetboard Tour Team which included this time Mike from Jetsurfingnation and Wayne as well as Innin from Jetboard Limited got visited by Dana (US distributor of EWAVE) and Steve in Portugal. They had a look a the new EWAVE jetboard which is competing directly with the ESURF and the Jetsurf Electric which is supposed to ship from Q1 2020.

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Please watch the video from Jetsurfingnation here:

NOTE: Some of the data in the video is different from what I could find on the EWAVE website. In the article below I refer to the website data as the video was already produced in June 2019.

The EWAVE electric surfboard will come to market after 4 years of development from a Chinese company owned by a person caller “Tiger”. They produce all components themselves. While it is a Chinese jetboard it seems to be no copy cat but instead is offering some unique features. For the footpads a new shock absorbent material called D3 was licensed. The fins are from FCS, so easily to replace and it comes with some optional wheels which can be connected to the board itself in order to cary it easily to the beach. The wheels are part of the travel kit which includes a board bag as well.

EWAVE battery
EWAVE battery

The desire was to build a light weight electric jetboard with enough power to compete with petrol powered surfboards. The maximum speed shall be 56 km/h. 2 models are available. The V2-6000 model has 6,000 RMP (rotations per minute) while the V2-5000 model has … (I guess you guess). The 5000 model is selling for around 9,500 EUR incl. 21% VAT plus shipping and the 6000 model for about 10,650 EUR incl. 21% VAT plus shipping. The 5,000 Model has a top speed of 50 km/h and has different colours.. Both models promise a performance of 10kW.

The 2.5 kW battery has a weight of 10 kg and is supposed to charge in 2 hours for offering up to 30 minutes riding time depending on the conditions and weight of the rider. The battery has 2 soft release handles for easy transport and comes in a metal case which shall be fire-proof according to EWAVE. It is running at 48 V and 56 Ah. According to Dana they will have a huge battery inventory so that spare batteries will be available. The price of such a spare battery is about 3,300 EUR incl. 21% VAT plus shipping. There is also an optional TUBE available for 800 EUR. This TUBE is to enable beginners and kids as we have seen from the Jetsurf Tube.

EWAVE Jetboard wheels
EWAVE Jetboard wheels

The full carbon fibre jetboard has the dimension of 176 x 61 x 18 cm and weighs 30 kg including the 10 kg battery and can carry riders up to 100 kg. The company is also planning a hybrid e-Foil Jetboard for next year which is using the existing board and components. The idea is to take out the jet engine and replace it with a mast and foils where the jet engine is at the lower end of the mast. I am looking forward to see this live.

We got promised a test board for September and I am looking very much forward to do my own tests and review.

Electric Surfboard eFoil Jetboard Shop

The European distributor for the EWAVE electric surfboard will Wayne Brooks from Jetboard Limited. He is expecting his first container of boards in September. Wayne (such like Dana in the US) will be responsible for the 1 year warranty and repair or replacement of components where necessary. Visit Wayne at:
If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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