Fliteboard electric foil ready for shipment

The Fliteboard electric foil models were presented at boot 2019 in Germany end of January.

The 3 models standard, pro and inflatable are ready for orders now and can ship between March and June.

The Fliteboard (standard) is the allrounder board with 100 litres volume and is available in white, black and ash wood colour.

The Fliteboard Pro with 70 litres is available in the same 3 colours and is targeted for more advanced riders.

Last but not least the 3rd model is the inflatable board with 180 litres which is designed for beginners, schools and rentals. It is also easy to handle and transport.

Please watch the full 10 minutes demonstration of the Fliteboard electric foil with Hudson @ Fliteboard in the following video:

The Fliteboard electric hydrofoils offer more options.

You can have a mast which is either 60 cm or 75 cm long. The shorter mast is easier to handle for beginners and as such it is recommended for the inflatable board.

The 75 cm mast is designed for choppy water and more aggressive turns. Both masts are available either in aluminium or black colour.

Hudson from Fliteboard explaining the different masts
Hudson from Fliteboard explaining the different masts

The Fliteboard electric foil  offers also 2 battery options.

The sport battery with 30 AH and 1.65 kWH is lighter for a more aggressive riding style while the cruiser battery with 42 AH and and 2.2 kWH (which is about 350 EUR more expensive) is for longer rides.

There are also 2 options for the wings. The larger CRUISER WING is easier to ride and designed for more stable foiling and heavy riders.

The smaller FLY WING is for higher speeds up to 40 km/h, faster turns and lighter riders.

BTW, this Fliteboard electric foil in ash wood is now ours ;-)
BTW, this Fliteboard electric foil in ash wood is now ours 😉

The remote control is always in safety mode and you arm the board by holding the remote control close to a sensor at the nose of the board.

It has 20 virtual gears, which makes it easy to start foiling as you can choose the maximum speed and therefore just pull the full trigger while standing up.

Fliteboard electric foil remote control
Fliteboard electric foil remote control

The remote displays plenty of information such as:

  • travel distance so far and remaining
  • time elapsed and remaining
  • maximum speed and average speed
  • battery charge for board and remote
  • Wh/km efficiency screen to identify the speed for longest distance
  • diagnostics of battery temperature, current usage. etc which is measured about 100 times a second

You will receive 3 cases: one board bag, one bag for the foil, remote, wings etc, and one hard case for the battery.

The Fliteboard comes in 3 bags & cases
The Fliteboard comes in 3 bags & cases

The Fliteboard team starts to deliver boards now, some resellers may have stock for delivery already in March 2019.

You can compare the Fliteboard electric foil with other E-Foils in our electric hydrofoil comparison.

More information at the Fliteboard website.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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