Flitescooter 2023 - Fliteboarding for everyone

With the Flitescooter, Flite wants to make Fliteboarding even more accessible. Thanks to a handlebar, eFoiling has never been so easy.

With the Flitescooter, the Australian manufacturer Fliteboard presents an eFoil that is supposed to make it possible for beginners to float over the water in no time. While an eFoil has two contacts to the board (the two feet), the Scooter has four contacts thanks to a handlebar.

The concept of an eFoil with a handlebar is not entirely new. Last year, we were already able to test the Hydroflyer in Portugal. For the E-SURFER Youtube channel we produced the following video together with Jetsurfingnation:

Hydroflyer vs. Flitescooter

Flitescooter riding experience

The riding experience (based on my Hydroflyer experience) won't blow an experienced eFoiler away, but it was still fun at the time. If you want to get from A to B on dry feet, vehicles like the Hydroflyer or Flitescooter are an alternative to the tender boat.

E-SURFER Tip: You want to buy an eFoil, but you are not sure which one is right for you? We are happy to advise you in the store, by email or on the phone. Our eFoil comparison also helps as a first orientation.

The Flitescooter has with 225 liters enough buoyancy, so that you can stand safely on the board even when stationary. The Hydroflyer in comparison has only 160 liters of volume. This is equivalent to the Fliteboard Air eFoil. The new scooter from Fliteboard will therefore certainly deliver even more stability.

Hydroflyer vs Flitescooter
Hydroflyer vs Flitescooter

Technical data

The scooter has a length of 213 cm, a width of 88 cm and a height of 15 cm. For comparison, the Fliteboard Air in comparison has the dimensions 183 cm x 76 cm x 12.5 cm.

Steering with a handlebar takes some getting used to for an eFoiler, but after a short time you'll master it. For beginners, however, the handlebar offers a lot of safety. In the event of a fall, you can ensure that the motor and wings always remain on the other side by holding the handlebars.

The scooter from Flite comes with the short 60 cm mast and the 1800 Cruiser Jet wing. This allows the board to catch even if you get too high and the motor draws air. For safety, the scooter also comes with the jet drive.

All in all, a very safe solution for beginners and the whole family.


The standard Flite remote control can be plugged into the handlebar grip, allowing you to accelerate directly on the handlebar, just like an electric jet ski. Also like the jet ski, there is a safety pin on the wrist that immediately stops the motor of the Flitescooter in the event of a fall.

Flite handlebar
Flite handlebar

The handlebar can be removed if desired, so that the Flitescooter can also be used as an eFoil. All Flitescooter components such as the battery, remote control, wings, mast, drive and so on are compatible with the Fliteboard Series 3.

Flite refers to the scooter as the entry point to fliteboarding. The easiest way to eFoil and thus suitable for eFoil rental. Also you can easily make a shore excursion from the boat with the Flitesccoter without getting wet.

So a good alternative to the tender boat.

Availability & Price

The Flitescooter is expected to be available in August/September 2023 in two colors: silver and oyster. Price-wise, the scooter will be similar to the Fliteboards. 13,995 EUR plus VAT and shipping. Including 19% VAT, you are then at about 16,655 EUR. A bargain so 😉

Flitescooter colors
Flitescooter colors

If you don't want to wait that long, you can test the Flitescooter in Berlin on June 18, 2023. Please register under contact.

Flite Scooter Conclusion

Not an eFoil in the conventional sense, but a new product group in my eyes. I have definitely had fun with the Hydroflyer and am sure that the Flitescooter will be a great product thanks to the high quality standards at Flite.

Fliteboard products
Fliteboard products

I'm looking forward to the test event on June 18 at the E-SURFER store in Berlin, where I will of course test the scooter myself. Who else will be there?

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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