Jetsurf Electric Jetboard launching spring 2020

The Jetsurf Electric Jetboard is finally here. After showing concepts at boot 2018 and 2019 the final product was displayed this year. I have to say this will be probably my favourite new board in 2020.

The Jetsurf Electric has a beautiful design and a few unique features. A decade of experience in motorised surfboards helped the team around Martin Sula to finish their first electric surfboard. Next to the boards I have this will be my first choice to get another board and I am glad that I could make a deal with Martin to receive a board end of March. I am happy 🙂

So why do I think this is a great board? As I already mentioned the Jetsurf Electric looks beautiful. In addition I expect a Jetboard to be safe, fast, easy to handle (not necessarily easy to ride) and reliable and I feel this board will hit all this marks. Jetsurf did not hurry to come to the market. They presented electric prototypes for 2 years but were still betting on their petrol powered boards. And they still do focus on the boards powered by gasoline with new improvements shown at boot. However, they will now also finally launch the Jetsurf Electric.

The Czech company is the market leader in petrol Jetboards since a decade and I trust their experience to build a safe board. All components looked like premium high quality parts.  With up to 55 km/h the board fast enough for me. With 32 kg it is light for a battery powered Jetboard and the plug & play components should make it easy to handle. The battery clips for example are a unique development.

Martin himself does still prefer the petrol boards, but he tried hard to get the electric boards as close as possible. One example is fast charging. Not only is the battery water-cooled while riding it is also air-cooled when charging. The idea is that you do not have to wait after a ride. You can charge right away (no waiting for the battery to cool down) and with the air-cooling he thinks he can get down the charging time to one hour in future.

MotoSurf WorldCup
Jetsurf has a decade of Jetboard experience

The Jetsurf Electric Jetboard is powered by a 3.1 kW (59 Ah) battery which according to the website charges in 3 hours and has a weight of 18 kg. In the interview he is mentioning 1.5 hours and later down to 1 hour for charging. The reason is probably  that they are still optimising the air-cooled charger. 3 hours would be too long, but under 2 hours would be good.

The shape of the board is very similar to the typical Jetsurf shape and the board is 180 cm long, 60 cm wide and 15 cm thick. It can handle riders up to 100 kg or 220 pounds. The typical Jetsurf handle with trigger brings the rider to 45 km/h (about 35 minutes riding time), but is has a booster button to accelerate to up 55 km/h. An LED on the board is showing the battery charge in different colours. And before completely empty the board will go in a slow mode to bring the rider up to 500m back to the beach.

Jetsurf CEO Martin Sula
Martin explaining the Jetsurf Electric prototype 2019

Other news from Jetsurf is that the new petrol boards don't need any battery charging as they have an alternator in the board. With a second fuel tank they ride up to 90 km without making a stop (Adventure model). The MotoSurf WorldCup has in 2020 also 2 stops (Brno / Wyboston) with electric surfboard racing. Other brands are welcome.

The Jetsurf Electric Jetboard was my highlight at boot 2020 and I am very much looking forward to get my board in spring 2020.

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