JETSURF eSkateboard - Airy & Race

A JETSURF eSkateboard just appeared on the Jetsurf website. The Jetsurf Airy motorized skateboard is designed for beginners and the Jetsurf Race e-skateboard for beginners and intermediates.

This is a surprising move from Jetsurf based out of the Czech Republic. The veteran in petrol powered surfboards who launched their first Jetsurf Electric jet-board this year has now introduced 2 electric skateboard models. Electric skateboards are in the market for more than a decade. Just recently two major e skateboard brands such like Boosted from the US and Mellowboards from Germany shut down their business due to a tough market and strong regulations in some countries. In Germany for example you are only allowed to ride them on private property.
Jetsurf Race motorised Skateboard
Jetsurf motorized Skateboard

JETSURF eSkateboard

The Jetsurf Airy motorized skateboard is designed for beginners and the Jetsurf Race e-skateboard for beginners and intermediates.  This suggests there might be another version coming for advanced riders? We will see. The colors and design look very similar to the black, white and blue Jetsurf Electric surfboard. From a marketing perspective this looks like a nice move.

JETSURF eSkateboard
JETSURF eSkateboard
For those who don’t know, we ran e-boarder.com a blog for electric skateboards before we started to focus on e-surfer.com with Jetboards, eFoils and E-SUPs, but we are still riding 2 Onewheels, 2 Evolves and a Yuneec e-board ourselves. For us it feels like a Déjà-vu that we are now reporting about an electric longboard from Jetsurf. We added the boards to our electric skateboard comparison., but are still waiting for some details.

Okay. Let’s have a look at the 2 models which are supposed to be available from January 2021 according to their website.

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Both boards support an iOS and Android Smartphone app which can be connected by Bluetooth. The app informs the rider of the battery capacity, estimated range, maximum speed, a rides summary and more. This is similar from what we know from the Onewheel by Future Motion.

The remote control for acceleration and braking lets you change between the 3 modes: Beginner, Eco and Sport. It has an integrated display which shows the battery capacity, speed and current mode. For a better grip it has an anti slip surface. It looks similar to the remote which was used by Boosted in the past.

JETSURF eSkateboard App and remote control
JETSURF eSkateboard App and remote control

Both water resistant boards support regenerative braking which means you can get some battery capacity back when you are braking. For example downhill.

Airy  skateboard:

With 1,150 EUR EUR excl. VAT and shipping this is not a low budget e skateboard. You can find entry level models already at 150 USD on Amazon, but this is usually cheap stuff and not recommended. The major brands usually sell between 1,000 and 4,000 EUR, so a beginner product from a high quality manufacturer for 1,150 EUR plus VAT seems reasonable.
Airy motorised skatebord
Airy motorised skatebord

The Airy is designed for short distance commuting and of course fun. Most quality e-boards are using lithium ion batteries, but the Airy is using LiPos (Lithium-Polymer) which is different from the Race board which has a lithium ion battery. With 8.2 kg it is lighter than the Race board and with 1.5 cm much thinner. This may explain the maximum rider load of 100 kg which is 20 kg higher with the other model.

The AIRY deck was designed to offer you compact and light board according to the Czech manufacturer. The shorter deck and top mounted trucks, board shall give you higher turning radius and easier maneuverability. JETSURF AIRY model is available with full carbon fibre deck with integrated battery and electronic.

The JETSURF AIRY LiPo Batteries bring a battery capacity of  250 Wh (7 Ah) and a charging time of 2,5 hours. With a range of 20 km it achieves only half of the distance compared to the Jetsurf Race e-board. The top speed is with 40 km/h or 25 mph not so far off. The deck is a little bit shorter than the Race.

Race Skateboard:

With 1,650 EUR excl. VAT and shipping the Jetsurf Race is more expensive, but offers more range (40 km) and a higher top speed of 50 km/h. It also has the lithium ion batteries and 120 mm Airless wheels with an aluminum core and shock absorbing rubber. It is designed for racing. The price is in range with similar boards such like from Evolve.

Electric Skateboard
Race motorized Skateboard

It has double Kingpin trucks similar to the Evolve and climbs hills up to 30% grade according to the manufacturer. Maximum load is 120 kg and the weight is 11.5 kg.

According to Jetsurf the RACE model doesn’t loose anything from the DNA of JETSURF family. The RACE deck was designed to give you high stability at high speeds and at the same time doesn't compromise comfortability and the level of safety. The JETSURF RACE model is also available with a full carbon fibre deck and has integrated batteries and electronics.

The JETSURF RACE Battery Pack brings a battery capacity of  650Wh (15 Ah) and a charging time of 2,5 hours.

The closest competitor in our eyes would the the EVOLVE Carbon GT. Evolve is in the market since several years and time will show if Jetsurf is able to achieve this level or even can go beyond. If you are a Jetsurf fan and are using already one of their Jetboards, this might be the right choice for you. I am sure they look awesome right next each other. Especially next to the Jetsurf Electric which used the same colors.

We are very much looking forward to test it for a full review in the coming months. We will post updates in our forum.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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