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Jetwake B200 review - electric jetboard from Korea

In our Jetwake B200 review we will have a look at the electric jetboard from Korea.

CEO Mr. Lee and his team visited the Allstar Tour team Tania, Wayne and Mike in Sotogrande, Spain for a test.

Jetwake B200 review by Allstar team
Jetwake B200 review by Allstar team

The board is 180 cm long, 70 cm wide and 13 cm thick with a weight of 20 kg plus 19 kg for the battery which makes it 39 kg in total. That's quite heavy.

The battery is charging in 2 hours and offers an impressive range. In our Jetwake B200 review test ride it lasted above 45 minutes.

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In the Jetwake B200 review video above Tania, Mike and Wayne will explain the electric jetboard from Korea in detail.

The maximum speed is 25 - 40 km/h depending on the weight of the rider and the conditions (wind, waves, etc.).

The Jetwake B200 internal test rides were done by 70 kg rider, but the electric jetboard from Korea is good for riders up to 90 kg, just with less speed.

Jetwake and Allstar Tour team
Jetwake and Allstar Tour team

With a 75 kg rider the speed went up to 37 km/h. With a 90 kg rider we hit the 25 km/h.

The short shape makes it more difficult to ride in choppy water conditions, so flat water is recommended. The noise level is below average.

The padding is available all over the board which makes it easy to start and to find the right foot position. It has foot straps for more aggressive turns. We used only one strap for the front leg on our rides.

padding all over the board
padding all over the board

A safety soft rubber around the board is protecting the Jetwake jetboard. It also has a handle so that 2 people can easily carry it.

The Jetwake team has only 4 people, but is working with many suppliers. They produce currently 40 boards a month and have always 10 boards in stock. The production can get up whenever needed.

Jetwake 200 remote control
Jetwake 200 remote control

The waterproof remote control offers wireless charging and the battery lasts up to 8 hours.

The magnetic kill switch is connected to a security leash for the leg.

Jetwake modular engine system
Jetwake modular engine system

The Jetwake B200 engine is based on a modular system with 3 components. This makes it easier to replace the components for repairs and maintenance.

It was great to see that the B200 is using FCS fin boxes which gives you flexibility to use your preferred fins.

Jetwake B200 review summary

The Jetwake 200 has a powerful nice designed battery. The handle, the padding and soft rubber around the board make it durable and easy to handle.

The modular system and FCS inboxes are a plus. It has enough power for riders up 85 kg, but prefers flat water.

Jetwake B2 electric surfboard
Jetwake B2 electric surfboard

It's not exceptional but a solid mid range board for beginners and rentals with a good battery life.

It is selling for about 7.500 EUR plus VAT and shipping.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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