2018 Lampuga Air test ride tour visiting E-Surfer

Lampuga is travelling trough Europe for their 2018 Lampuga Air test ride tour and was visiting the E-Surfer magazine in Germany.

The tour started in June and is covering trade shows, resellers and key influencers and will go on until July.

Lampuga team & E-Surfer
Lampuga team & E-Surfer

Last week the Lampuga team stopped by in Berlin, chartered a boat and invited us for a 2018 Lampuga Air test ride on a lake in Brandenburg. They had 3 battery packs, 4 inflatable bodies and 6 power boxes with them.

Enough gear to check out the new Lampuga Air electric jetboard.

The Lampuga Air is really easy to ride as it has about 200 litres volume, so you can stand on the board even with no speed. That’s said, it is recommended to lay on the board, accelerate and than stand up. The handle will make this even easier.

It took us just 60 seconds and we were up and riding with no major crash over the entire test ride.

Setting up the Lampuga Air 2018
Setting up the Lampuga Air 2018

Now the most important question …

Can it handle a rider with more than 90 kg? Yes, it can.

Unfortunately, we had not a GPS with us, but we are pretty much sure we were 40 km/h or above with our 95 kg rider.

This makes the Lampuga Air not only an easy to handle family board but also delivers enough power for heavier as well as advanced riders.

The jet and the inflatable body make it a little bit harder to aggressively carve the board, but with some practise this can be overcome.

If you go from the gas, enter into a turn and push the gas again (similar like you would do with a jetski) you can make quite aggressive turns.

Lampuga FCS fins
Lampuga FCS fins

The Lampuga Air jetboard is using standard FCS fins. This makes them easy to replace und you can use different fins for different riders.

The Powerbox which contains the electronics, jet engine and holds the removable battery pack is very easy to handle. Basically you have to deal with 3 parts: Powerbox, battery pack and inflatable body.

The installation is very easy and was improved compared to the older Lampuga models.

The inflatable body made it really easy to get the Lampuga on and off the boat without causing scratches on the board or boat.

Overall our Lampuga Air test ride was very existing and we cannot wait to have one for ourselves.

2018 Lampuga Air test ride
2018 Lampuga Air test ride

It will ship later in 2018 in 6 different colours for for 10,999 EUR plus VAT.

More information at the Lampuga website at:

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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