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Loawai jetboard review - now on sale

Time for a Loawai jetboard review after riding it for several weeks. It is known as the most powerful jetboard selling in 2019 and we had indeed a lot of fun. At the end of the northern hemisphere summer season the board is actually now on sale for a limited amount of stock. More about this later.

The boards are made in Germany and come with high quality components and great support. We had a small issue at the beginning and the part got replaced within 24 hours at no cost. That's what we call a good customer service.

Update: The product is now available as Magic Surf.

Loawai electric surfboard with plenty of power
Loawai electric surfboard with plenty of power towing a tube

The Loawai jetboard (formerly called CURF) is known in the community for 3 things:

  1. It is very powerful with either 11kW or 19 kW (Wake model)
    2. It is heavy
    3. It is very robust and reliable

So, wait a minute. 1 and 3 sound promising, right? But heavy? It is true, with 30 kg for the jetboard plus 2 batteries with 18 kg each it comes with total weight of 66 kg. That’s indeed not light, but there is a reason for that. The board itself is made out of PE (Polyethylen) which is extremely robust. Like a wild water kayak which is almost indestructible. Secondly each cell in the battery packages is individually sealed to avoid a thermal runaway in case the battery gets damaged. This is an important safety feature.

Safe and robust sounds good. But heavy sounds still suboptimal, doesn’t it? Well, we agree to a certain degree, but on the other hand we did not find this problematic for 2 reasons:

First Loawai offers 2 beach wagons (off-road and on-road) which makes it possible for one person to slip the board into the water and back into the car. We always handled the board with just 1 person. Secondly, you don’t feel the weight due to the high amount of power in the water. In fact it makes the riding much smoother as it cuts any wave or rough water or if you are towing somebody.

Yes, you read correctly. The Loawai jetboard can tow somebody like a waterskier, wakeboarder or hydrofoiler. In our Loawai Jetboard review we towed a kid in a water tube several times. And both, the rider and the kid had plenty of fun at the same time.

The reason why Loawai offers 2 models is not just the price. The standard model with11 kW does not require a sports boot license in countries such like Germany. The 19kW model however does require a license in some countries.

The Loawai electric surfboard from Germany does not use a wireless remote control, instead the control is integrated in a handle connected to the top of the board which makes it much easier to ride sharp turns. In our Loawai jetboard review we testet the 11 kW e-jetboard and our 92 kg rider was able to reach 49 km/h. The 19 kW Wake model shall reach up to 60 km/h. That's fast ...

We were using the quick chargers (you get two of them) to charge both batteries at the same time. It takes you 2 hours for a full charge and this is good for a 20 - 40 minutes ride. After this time you need a break anyways as this powerful board can bring you to the limits.

Overall we are very pleased with the Loawai jetboard and we switch back and forth between our Lift Foils eFoil and the Loawai. The eFoil is good for a long relaxed ride while the jetboard is for action.

Loawai Jetboard on sale

Last but not least and as mentioned in our teaser, the Loawai is available on sale for a limited amount of stock. The 2019 inventory will be sold at 13,437 € + VAT. This is a discount of more than 2,000 EUR.

Some of these boards were on display at trade shows and may have small scratches, but they are fully functional.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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