Onewheel GT or XR? The comparison

The Onewheel GT has just been introduced by Future Motion. Is the change worth it? We have compared the GT with the current XR model. Unfortunately, we couldn't test the Onewheel GT personally yet, as it is only announced for early 2022. However, I think we will be able to get one before then 😉

The new Onewheel GT Model promises more power, more range and more control. It is the new top model from Future Motion and for the first time it does not come in the typical spartan blue look known from the Onewheel XR. It is more reminiscent of a large Onewheel Pint and in fact many of the features have been taken from the Pint. Only everything is a bit bigger. And powerful as a jet board.

The Onewheel Pint is also available in a new version. We took a closer look at the Pint X in a separate article Pint or Pint X. But now back to the Onewheel GT.

Onewheel GT
Onewheel GT

The GT model promises a top speed of 20 miles per hour (32 km/h) and a range of 20-32 miles (32-52 km). Charging time is 200 minutes with the included standard charger and 90 minutes with the optional fast charger. You can now select six different modes via the Onewheel app. Five are preset and one can be customized (Custom Mode).

For five years, the XR was Future Motion's flagship product, but that is supposed to change in 2022. Whether the plan will work out will be seen next year. The new design doesn't appeal much to me personally, because I like the classic blue outfit. However, the new Onewheel GT can shine with features. Here is an overview:

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The new GT model is thicker and heavier than the +XR. This is because more battery cells were installed, which explains the slightly higher speed, but especially the longer range. According to Future Motion, the XR should have 2 hp, while the new OW adds another 50 percent. So you are then at 3 hp.

Onewheel GT - More control

Many XR users exchange the rear footpad for a concave footpad. This gives you more grip. The GT comes standard with such a pad. This is a good thing, especially if you want to ride offroad. Like the Pint, the GT now also has an LED bar on the board that shows you information about the battery level and other warnings. Finally, you no longer have to use the OW app to check whether your buddy still has enough juice 😉

Onewheel GT - Treaded Tire
Onewheel GT - Treaded Tire

If you mainly travel off-road, you can now order the Onewheel GT with treaded tires. Thus, the tire does not slip so quickly on slippery terrain. Who rather wants to carve on the road, which should stay with the slick tires. The choice is yours. However, the Treaded Tire is about 80 EUR expensive and the new tires are directly from Future Motion and not from third parties. This makes it difficult to switch to other tire models. Let's see how long it takes until smart minds come up with alternatives 😉

OW GT new features:

The intelligent lighting now has 300 percent more lumens, so the track is much better illuminated in the dark. Also the magnetic carrying handle, the so-called Maghandle has been adopted from the Pint. I personally find the internal handle of the XR better, but that is probably a matter of taste.

The GT also uses the usual Onewheel app, but you now have six different modes and the SimpleStop, i.e. switching off the motor by changing direction, can now be activated like on the Pint.

Of course, Future Motion will again offer plenty of accessories. These include the various fenders including the carbon fiber fender, as well as bumpers, rails guards, a quick charger and a stand.

GT or XR?

That's a good question. The price of the Onewheel GT is quite a bit higher at around 2,599 EUR. The design is a matter of taste and the higher weight maybe a hurdle for one or the other. The concave pad can also be installed on the XR. I think I'll stick with the Onewheel+ XR for now, but I still have 2-3 months to think it over.

But if you still want to have the latest and most powerful Onewheel, you have to be patient until early 2022. And you also have to think about which tire you want. Off-road or street?

What do you think? Please share your opinion in our forum.

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