Onewheel+ XR or Onewheel Pint

Onewheel+ XR or Onewheel Pint is a valid question since Future Motion launched a 2nd OW model. We bought our first Onewheel early 2017 and upgraded to the Onewheel+ XR a few month ago and since early October we have a Onewheel Pint as well. What is the difference and which one is the right for you?

The biggest differences between the Onewheel+ XR and the Onewheel Pint are the price, the size, the weight and the range. Let's start with the price. In Germany the XR is selling for 1,999 EUR incl. 19% VAT while the Pint is available for 1,249 EUR incl. 19% VAT in our Onewheel shop. This is a pretty big difference.

Onewheel+ XR versus Onewheel Pint
Onewheel+ XR versus Onewheel Pint

While both Onewheel models are using a 750W Hypercore® hub motor many other components are different, such like the battery and wheel size.  Both are smaller with the Pint and result into a smaller range and lower speed. 19 - 29 km range for the XR versus 10 - 13 km range for the Pint. The top speed is 32 km/h for the XR and 26 km/h for the Pint.

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Both Onewheels are using the same iOS and Android apps (incl. apps for Smartwatches) , both have intelligent lights and of course both are self-balancing and don’t need a remote control. The XR is with 13.5 kg 2 kg heavier compared to the smaller brother. Talking about small: The Pint is only 222mm x 266mm x 689mm compared to 241mm x 292mm x 750mm (XR).

Since the Pint is the newer model it got some unique features such like the integrated handle and the lightbar which indicates the battery status. It also features a new riding feature called simple stop. While the XR is riding in both directions the Pint is only riding in on direction which makes it possible to easier get off the board. You slow down to zero and put you weight to the back, rather than riding into the other direction (like with the XR) now the motor shuts down and you can get off the board easily. You can turn off this feature at the Pint (resulting into the same beahavier than the XR), but you cannot enable simple stop at the XR. May be something Future Motion will make available as a software upgrade to the XR later.

XR or Pint
XR or Pint

Onewheel+ XR and Onewheel Pint modes:

While the smartphone app is the same, the riding modes (now called digital shipping 2.0) are not.

For the Onewheel+ XR following modes are available:

  1. Sequoia – speed limit 19/km - Designed for pavement and not for off-road. It is the "take it easy" shaping.
  2. Cruz – speed limit 24 km/h - Not too tight and not to loose designed for the street.
  3. Mission – speed limit 30 km/h – Faster acceleration and designed for use on the street.
  4. Elevated - speed limit 30 km/h - Maximum hill climbing on streets.
  5. Delirium – speed limit 32 km/h – For speed junkies with aggressive style and designed to go off-road. You can't get more.
  6. Custom shaping – Customize your riding experience, Carvebality from loose to tight, stance profile (nose down and up), aggressive 14,000 calculation per second, more aggressive

And the Onewheel Pint is offering the following modes:

  1. Redwood – speed limit 19 km/h - The ideal mode for beginners. Keep it easy.
  2. Pacific - speed limit 26 km/h - High levels of carveabality with smooth power you need.
  3. Elevated - speed limit 26 km/h - Elevate the nose for maximum hill climbing
  4. Skyline - speed limit 26 km/h - Most aggressive setup for going fast and off-road

As you can see the XR offers more options, power  and customisation. The Onewheel+ XR is the REAL Onewheel if you like, but for people who don't want to challenge themselves and are looking for a relaxed cruise the Pint is more than enough.

Onewheel Smartphone App:

Next to the different riding modes the app is featuring:
  1. Homescreen: Live stats about battery status, current trip distance, lifetime  km, current speed, range left, weather information
  2. Rides screen: Showing your rides (if you track them)  from other Onewheelers all over the world
  3. Leaderboard: Top ranking by mileage for the different Onewheel models from riders all around the world. Still dominated by the US, but the Europeans are catching up 😉
  4. Academy: Useful learning videos about safety, shaping and accessories

Oneheel accessories:

Future Motions made a lot accessories available for the Onewheel models. Unfortunately only a very few work for both models.

Onewheel connectors
Onewheel power connectors

As you can see in the picture above the power connectors for the Pint and XR look very different. As such you cannot use the XR charger for the Pint. More about that and chargers later.

Some Good news: The Onewheel "wave" stand and "deep shack" rack originally designed for the XR model also work for the Pint. Yeah!

But almost any other XR accessory does not work for both models. Such like:

  • Any XR charger including the car charger
  • fenders
  • car holders
  • bumpers
  • foot pads
  • Fangs (3rd party product)

Coming back to the Onewheel chargers. Future Motion decided to divide between home chargers (standard in the box)  and hyper chargers (aka as fast chargers), which basically means you get a cheaper charger with you OW which takes twice the time to charge as the the more expensive optional charger.

Onewheel charger
Onewheel charger

Let's have a closer look at the chargers and their technical specs. On the picture above you can see how they compare in size. It is a huge difference. The car charger by the way has the same size as the XR home charger:

  1. Pint charger: 63V - 1.3 A
  2. Pint ultra charger: 63 V - 3 A
  3. XR home charger: 63 V - 3 A
  4. XR car charger: 63 V - 1.6 A
  5. XR hyper charger: 63 V - 6.5 A

Onewheel+ XR or Onewheel Pint? Which one is for you?

The Onewheel+ XR (the original if you like) are for Onewheel enthusiast who want to get most of their OW. It has enough power and range to go on extensive off-road trips. The wider stance does help if you go on trails. The 6 riding modes including the custom shape make it very flexible and you can fine-tune the OW+ XR to your individual needs.

The Onewheel Pint is for commuters and people wo want to relax by floating on the street. The smaller size, lighter weight and integrated handle makes it easy to transport (for example in public transport). The simple stop technology makes it much easier for beginners. The smaller wheels make it easier to turn which is important if you ride downtown. It is however less stable and starts wobbling at higher speeds, but the Onewheel is anyways not designed for high speeds.

Which one do I prefer? I like the power and range of the XR and would therefore consider it as my favourite, especially if I want to go off-road. If I need a short ride to a shop however I appreciate the small and light Pint. I also ride together with my son which is 1/3rd of my weight, so it is an ideal fit if he rides the Pint and I ride the XR.

Well, I hope this Onewheel+ XR or Onewheel Pint review did help you and you are now closer to your decision.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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