The new Radinn G2X electric jet-surfboard

Radinn from Sweden presented the new 2018 Radinn G2X electric jet-surfboard which will completely replace the former Radinn Wakejet Cruise.

The new generation comes with some major improvements and even an electric hydrofoil option was announced for the future.

Radinn G2X - the 2018 model from Radinn
Radinn G2X - the 2018 model from Radinn

Update: Radinn Carve and Radinn Freeride are now available in our shop.

At boot 2018 in Dusseldorf Radinn was impressing which a huge booth to present their new 2018 model called Radinn GX2.

The new electric jet-surfboard was presented with 3 highlights:

  • Plug & Play

Plug & Play shall mean that you can not only replace the battery pack easily to extend your ride, but that also different shapes and options will be available to customise the board based on the riders weight and riding style. One option will be a hydrofoil set in future.

The engine and electronics can be disconnected from the boards like the battery. This is why they will be able to connect different shapes in future.

CEO Alexander (left) and CTO Esbjoern explaining their next generation electric jet-surfboard
CEO Alexander (left) and CTO Esbjoern explaining their next generation electric jet-surfboard
  • Explore & Evolve

This claim is mainly based on their iOS and Android app which connects to the board. The app will be able to customise your riding experience (e.g. different modes from beginner to pro) and you will be able to read battery status and other useful information.

Even more important the Radinn Support team will be able to assist if problems occur based on the data that the app is providing.

Alexander explaining the concept of his modular electric surfboard
Alexander explaining the concept of his modular electric surfboard
  • Transport & stow

Also this comes back to the modular system. By taking the board apart in battery pack, engine unit and board it will be easier to transport. The battery has a weight of 20 kg and the board with engine weighs 20 kg on top.

This will reduce transport cost in case you need to send in something for support as you probably need to send in only one component. The Radinn team can tell you based on the data from the app.

Watch the following video from our Allstar Jetboard Tour team at boot 2018 where Alexander is explaining the new board in more detail.

[huge_it_video_player id="10"]

Now let’s have a look at the technical specs.

electric jet-surfboard specs

The standard model of the Radinn G2X is priced with 9,900 EUR and comes with the standard Power Pack and the standard charger and is good for 28 mph or 45 km at a riding time of about 25 minutes.

The current shape is 70 cm wide, 190 cm long and 12 cm thick.

Now you have different options to upgrade your board:

The standard charger charges over night, but the optional Radinn Ultra Fast Charger is charging in about 2 hours. The fast charger comes with a price tag of 1,490 EUR.

Radinn booth at boot 2018
Radinn booth at boot 2018

The Standard Power Pack offers 2,800 watt hours and 25 minutes riding time at full speed for 2,990 EUR which is included in the standard price.

If you want to upgrade the battery performance you can go for the Power Pack XL which costs 4,490 EUR. The Radinn G2X Power Pack XL offers 3,700 watt hours and 35 minutes riding time at full speed.

If you already order the Power Pack XL with your board (instead of the standard battery) you pay 10,890 EUR (990 EUR extra compared with a board with standard battery).

If you add the Radinn Ultra Fast Charger you end up with 13,390 EUR.

Und last not, but least there is a ”Radical upgrade” for 990 EUR available which is supposed to maximise the speed from 28 mph or 45 km/h to up to 34 mph or 55 km/h.

If you add this in your are at 14,360 EUR. And all prices are excluding VAT.

Included is a 2 year warranty, a board bag / case and a wireless remote control.

Radinn G2X remote control
Radinn G2X remote control

First shipments are expected for May 2018.

All specs in this article are based on the data from the manufacturer, but we organised already our test ride for early summer and will update you with our own findings.

For more information, please visit

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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