Radinn Jetboard updates at boot 2020

When I think about the Radinn Jetboard I think about their social media activities. No new board or update since 2018, but at boot we heard very soon there will be a 2nd Jetboard from Radinn.

Last time we wrote about Radinn was in February 2018 after we meet the team around Alexander Lind at boot 2018 in Dusseldorf where they introduced the Radinn G2X which was their successor after the first generation Radinn Wakejet, which we briefly looked at already in May 2017.

Update: Radinn Carve and Radinn Freeride are now available in our shop.

It was hard to find Radinn at boot 2020 (they were not present in 2019) as you couldn’t find them in the exhibitor directory, they didn’t answer my email if they will exhibit and they were very hidden behind some luxury yachts on the Azimut booth. In the following video interview they mentioned that they changed their business model. As far as I understood they want to focus on rental locations and bundles with yachts.

In 2018 they mentioned that they are developing an electric hydrofoil option for the Radinn G2X, but it never made it to market nor was there any other meaningful update to the G2X. This year at boot 2020 an eFoil kit was not mentioned, nor was there a new model on display at the show. Marketing Manager Frederik Ardmar mentioned however that they will come with a new shorter and more aggressive board for riders who need more adrenaline. This strategy seems to be very much in line with what Awake had already announced with the RÄVIK_S board.

Radinn G2X
Radinn G2X

And it makes sense, because both the Radinn Jetboard and the Awake boards where not very good for carving. You mainly see them going straight in their videos. Both don’t use a handle and both have a very untraditional design for a “surfboard” which makes it difficult to make sharp turns as you can make them for example with the Jetsurf boards.

Coming back to the Radinn Jetboard presentation at boot 2020. In 2018 the team where showing white boards. The white board is still available but this year they were showing a grey board which I personally find more appealing. Main focus was the modularity of the board which make it easier to replace parts. But this was nothing new from 2018 and what other electric surfboard manufacturers offering today.

Radinn Jetboard
Radinn Jetboard

The Radinn Jetpack (jet propulsion system) is offered in 2 versions. The G2X Intermediate is good for 30 mph or 48 km/h and the G2X Pro shall achieve 35 mph or 56 km/h. Also the battery is offered in 2 sizes. The Standard battery which promises 35 minutes riding time and the Long Range battery which refers to 45 minutes.

When you order the Radinn Jetboard online you have to choose which color, battery and Jetpack you would like. After that you can choose some options, such like carbon fibre handles which are lighter and more robust than the standard ones. And you can choose a speed charger which enables charging in 2.5 hours. This is usually a red flag for me as the standard charger seems to be only part of the standard setup to reach a certain price point. Nobody wants to wait 5 hours to charge, so the speed charger is a must have.

Even if you want to have the board in grey they charge on top. I tried the grey board on their website with G2X Pro Jetpack, Long Range battery, fibre carbon handles and speed charger and ended up with 13,550 USD plus VAT and shipping. This sounds different than the 7,950 USD advertised on the start page. I don't like this strategy as it makes it very hard to provide a meaningful electric surfboard comparison table and it is kind of cheating in my mind. Other vendors like Lift Foils or Lampuga just offer one price for the top and only configuration.

Radinn remote control
Radinn remote control

One thing I really liked about the Radinn Jetboard is the remote control. It is small (you can easily swim with it) and easy to handle. It has very bright  LEDs to show the battery charge and it is vibrating when you get to about 10% charge. Also the safety magnet looked very well made.

I was promised to be able to test the boards in a few weeks and keep you posted. More info at the Radinn website.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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