Summer Sale

We are clearing out our warehouse due to remodeling. Save now on the E-SURFER eFoil & Jetboard summer sale. Lampuga, Radinn, Fliteboard, Lift Foils and many brands more.

Selected eFoil and Jetboard products with discounts up to 60 percent. Only while stocks last. Shipping only within Europe. All prices here are including 19% VAT.

Discounts on full eFoil sets:

Summer Sale Procedure

The summer sale is only valid while stocks last and shipping only within Europe. If you are interested in any of the reduced items please contact us at contact@e-surfer.com. Ideally right away with billing and shipping address so that we can create a quote.

Fliteboard Sale

Fliteboard wing bags bags in summer sale.

Many fliteboard owners want choices and own multiple wings to change up their ride. The Wing Quiver Bag organizes, protects and transports up to six front wings and their associated stabilizers.

Fliteboard sale
Fliteboard sale

  • Wing Quiver bag 99 EUR instead of 179 EUR

Lift Foils summer sale

Lift Foils special offers:

  • Standard Aluminum Propeller 199 EUR instead of 299 EUR
  • Prop Guard 49 EUR instead of 89 EUR
  • Folding Propeller incl. Cone 349 EUR instead of 499 EUR
  • Cone 49 EUR instead of 89 EUR

Lampuga special offers

Lampuga SUP Covers

How about a new color? Change the look of your Lampuga Jetboard with a new SUP cover. Now on summer sale!

  • Lampuga SUP hull yellow 399 EUR instead of 859 EUR*
  • Lampuga SUP hull green 399 EUR instead of 859 EUR*
  • Lampuga SUP cover light blue 399 EUR instead of 859 EUR*
  • Lampuga SUP cover grey 399 EUR instead of 859 EUR*
  • Lampuga SUP hull black 399 EUR instead of 859 EUR*

*This is only the SUP hull for the Lampuga Air - without motor, battery etc. The hull can only be used with a Lampuga Jetboard.

Lampuga summer sale
Lampuga summer sale

Lampuga Fin Set

Time for a replacement fin? Two original Lampuga fins (FCS Performer). Plug & Play.

  • Lampuga Fin Set 39 EUR instead of 69 EUR

Lampuga Remote Control

Lampuga Hand Controller with leash without charging station and wrist strap in summer sale.

  • Lampuga remote control 199 EUR instead of 449 EUR

Lampuga Safety Magnet

Magnetic emergency switch to attach to the ankle for Lampuga Air.

  • Lampuga Kill Switch 49 EUR instead of 89 EUR

Sipaboards demonstration models

Our 2021 electric SUP models from Sipaboards are for sale. The boards are complete and fully functional. They have been used about 10 times and therefore show signs of use.

Since the manufacturer warranty has expired, we sell the electric SUPs as defective without warranty. Should a defect really show up during the first use, you can withdraw from the purchase within 14 days.

  • Sipaboards Fisherman 999 EUR instead of 2.659 EUR
  • Sipaboards Tourer 999 EUR instead of 2.559 EUR
  • Sipaboards Allrounder Hull (original box, without motor and accessories) 250 EUR instead of 799 EUR

Evolve Skateboards

Evolve Skateboards on sale
Evolve Skateboards on sale

Electric skateboard Evolve GTR original packaging. Including All Terrain tires and Street Wheels (2 in 1).

  • Evolve Bamboo GTE 2 in 1 999 EUR instead of 1999 EUR

Radinn special offers

Here we have original packed footstraps for the Radinn Freeride and Fast Chargers on sale.

  • Radinn footstraps L/XL 69 EUR instead of 149 EUR
  • Radinn 2021 fast charger 349 EUR instead of 599 EUR

Onewheel summer sale

Also for the Onewheel from Future Motion we have some accessories in the sale:

  • XR+ Bumpers in different colors 29 EUR instead of 79 EUR
  • XR+ Rail Guards in different colors 19 EUR instead of 59 EUR
  • XR+ Surstance Pro Back Foot pad 39 EUR instead of 89 EUR
  • XR+ Fender in different colors 29 EUR instead of 99 EUR

Something for you? Then please write us at contact@e-surfer.com. All information without guarantee. Request your offer now. Only while stocks last.

If you need instructions to assemble the spare part, you can find tutorial videos on our E-SURFER Youtube channel.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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