VeCARVE 6.0 electric foil from VeConcept

VeFoil is now called VeConcept and just released new infos about their upcoming VeCARVE 6.0 electric foil. Originally designed as DIY electric hydrofoil components it developed into a complete solution.

VeCARVE 6.0 electric foil prototype
VeCARVE 6.0 electric foil prototype

The VeCARVE 6.0 electric foil from VeConcept is developed in Canada by Chris and team and we have followed them as an early baker for the last 18th months.

The company focuses on safety and the VeCARVE is probably currently the only E-Foil who replaced the propeller with kind of a jet drive. The impeller is completely hidden in the torpedo like housing.

Carve 6.0 complete electric hydrofoil
Carve 6.0 complete electric hydrofoil

This is supposed to bring 2 advantages: More safety and less drag. Less drag would be useful if you want to surf a wave without the torque of the motor.

Direct Jet Drive from VeConcept
Direct Jet Drive from VeConcept

Similar to the Takuma and Waviator VeConcept believes in multi-use boards which means that the VeCARVE 6.0 electric foil can be converted within minutes into a foil for kiteboarding, wake surfing or SUP foiling.

You basically remove the battery and replace the jet-powered mast with a standard mast. See the picture:

Modular electric hydrofoil
Modular electric hydrofoil

The VeCarve can handle riders from 70 to 100 kg with the 191 litre board which has the dimensions 6′ x 30″ x 7″ or 182 cm x 76 cm x 18 cm.

The extra thick deck shall improve floating and stability while standing. In general the VeCARVE 6.0 electric foil is targeted for beginners, schools and people who like an easy foiling, but it can be upgraded with a smaller foil for more aggressive turns and higher speeds.

You are supposed to start foiling from 12 km/h or 7 mph and reach top speeds up to 32 km/h or 20 mph.

Chris riding his electric hydrofoil
Chris riding his electric hydrofoil

The remote control , we had an article about the earlier VeFoil remote prototype, is automatically shutting down the motor when the throttle is released.

The motor shuts also down if the remote is under water or more than 3m or 10 feet away from the board.

VeConcept is using Samsung high density Lithium Ion batteries which claims 600+ life cycles and the battery management is protecting / alarming overheating, high current and circuit short cuts.

Run time shall be about 40 to 50 minutes.

We are glad that our battery safety article is motivating the manufacturers. VeConcept is adding a fireproof bag for storage.

Earlier VeFoil prototype
Earlier VeFoil prototype

The package includes a 71 cm (28 in) mast, 84cm front wing, 48cm (20″) rear wing, custom travel bag next to the board, battery and charger.

The price is expected to be around the $8,000 USD plus tax and shipping range.

The website offers a pre-order subscription list and shipping is planned for spring 2019.

You can compare the VeConcept E-Foil with with other boards in our electric hydrofoil comparison.

More information about the VeCARVE 6.0 electric foil from VeConcept at veconcepts.com or in our forum.

If you are not sure which board you should buy, visit our test center in Berlin. Make an appointment online by filling out our contact form.
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