Waterwolf MPX-4 - Interview with Waterwolf CEO Markus Schilcher

Our next interview about the Waterwolf MPX-4 and other news from the electric surfboard manufacturer from Germany comes from Markus Schilcher. One of the veterans of this scene.

In 2019 Markus and his team focused on making Waterwolf Surfboards better and eliminating initial problems. We insiders know that there is a huge difference between a working prototype and a mass-series product. That is why so far only about 30 Waterwolf MPX boards have been produced.

Quote from Markus:

I think that now after 5 years, we were able to eliminate almost all initial problems.

Waterwolf CEO Markus Schilcher speaks first time about Waterwolf MPX-4
Waterwolf CEO Markus Schilcher speaks first time about Waterwolf MPX-4

Markus, which configurations will you offer in 2020?

We have increased the engine power somewhat for 2020 and a more heat-resistant motor controller, a new display with various functions, a new start knob, and the Bluetooth clock. We now have a new display with voltage, capacity, temperature and a power indicator in KW. The display also shows whether you are driving with the digital start knob "Onboard" or with the new BT clock.

Do you feel badly affected by COVID-19?

Yes, unfortunately very strong, since we also had a very strict “lake ban” in Bavaria. We have therefore decided, among other things, such as a new strategic investor has postponed his plans for the time being that we won't start again until 2021 or at least don't produce larger quantities before that. Very likely not until BOOT 2021, when by then it will hopefully become more normal ("Corona") and above all more predictable!

Waterwolf highlights
Waterwolf highlights

What is the next product on your roadmap?

If everything goes well, there will be the Waterwolf MPX-4 in 2021, which will not differ significantly from the MPX-3. We are actually very satisfied with the Waterwolf MPX-3, as it is actually the only board on the market that best reflects the free surfing feeling. These "special features" can also be found on our website and the image above. That was my basic idea from the start.

Our latest research has shown that some countries such as Switzerland, Canada and parts of southern Germany have banned electric surfboards and eFoils. Most countries seem to allow this, but users must partially register it and carry a sign with a unique number from local authorities. Do you have additional data from other parts of the world?

No, unfortunately not, we are also fighting that a uniform regulation will soon be found here. I think it will be not possible to completely prohibit e-surfing! We were / are actually the only ones whose boards were allowed to be used on the large Bavarian lakes (with a license plate) and are still allowed to use the old numbers. Unfortunately, no new numbers are currently being issued.

Due to the corona pandemic, our initiative will be delayed to get rid of this restriction again, but unfortunately (but of course also understandable) it is currently being dealt with very secondarily. I fear it will take until 2021 to find a solution.

How many resellers do you have worldwide and are they spread across all continents?

In the beginning, our focus was on direct sales. As I said, we now have around 30 pieces on the market, all within Europe.

Markus surfing the Waterwolf
Markus surfing the Waterwolf

What do you think about electric hydrofoils?

A very interesting alternative, but it is definitely different than Waterwolf riding!

By when will the price of a premium electric surfboard be around $ 5,000?

I think it will take another 2-3 years at least for a 5,000.- € price point for a new high quality product with enough power!

Thank you very much, Markus. We are looking forward to testing the Waterwolf MPX-4 next year. Stay safe!

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