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Electric Jetski, personal watercraft and e-Jet

Electric Jetski
Electric Jetski

An electric Jetski or personal watercraft (PWC) aka e-jet is powered by a lithium ion battery and an electric motor instead of  petrol. With zero local emissions and much more silent motors they will probably be the future.

In the same way electric cars and electric surfboards are starting to replace petrol powered vehicles also the electric Jetskis pop up with more and more prototypes. The electric PWC is currently still a concept as the battery technology still needs to improve. So far the gasoline personal watercraft is still outperforming the e-jet in terms of range and speed. In addition the charging is still time consuming. However, as with other vehicles we think this will be just a matter of time. We believe the future is about the electric Jetski.

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Electric Seadoo GT Electric Waverunner

Electric Seadoo GT E-Waverunner

The first electric Seadoo GT Electric Waverunner was built by the Dutch company Bellmarine. The custom electric jet skis are for an 80 meter super yacht.

More about the electric Jetski:

At first let’s clarify that “Jetski” is not the official name for this category as it is a registered trademark of Kawasaki. However, most people are still using this term rather than the official name which is personal watercraft or in. short PWC.

That’s said, non of the leading PWC manufacturers such like Kawasaki, Seadoo or Yamaha has shown any concept of an electric Jetski or e-Jet yet. So far we have only seen electric PWC announcements from start ups and the traditional manufacturers seem to stay in a “wait and see” mode. This is not surprising as the same happened in the automotive industry. But, they should probably not wait for too long or there might be the next Tesla of electric personal watercraft.

It is still very early and it might take another few years until the electric PWC or eJet will be able to compete with the petrol powered Jet-Skis. You can still argue that petrol powered Jetboards do outperform electric Jet Boards and these are much lighter and need ways less power. So for Jetski manufacturers it is even more challenging to bring this together. On the other hand you see electric vessels everywhere. Boats, Jetboards, eFoils and even big ships. It will be just a question of time.