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electric skateboard news and reviews

electric skateboard news and reviews
electric skateboard news and reviews

An electric skateboard is the perfect companion for electric surfboard riders. If you don’t have the time to go to the water or if you are looking for a cool experience on your way to work an e skateboard is the perfect choice.

We had our first skateboard with motor in 2009. It was called Mo-Bo. It was huge and with 35 kg very heavy. Nowadays the eboards are much lighter and have a longer range. There are different e skateboards available for use on streets or off-road. And of course there is the Onewheel. We offer the latest Onewheels in our electric skateboard shop.

Our latest e skateboard articles:

electric skateboard remote control


How to build a DIY Electric Skateboard (Do It Yourself) without using a ready to buy conversion kit like from Mellowboards or Onan? We meet Nico from Berlin at the E-Boarder Meeting in Berlin Tempelhof in April 2017. He came by with his DIY Electric Skateboard which made 32 mph on the runway.

Electric Skateboard Super Fast Battery Charger


In our Evolve Super Fast Battery Charger review we compared the standard electric skateboard battery charger with the advanced Super Fast Battery Charger. Next to the price difference from 89…

electric skateboard kit


If you want to ride an unique electric skateboard which perfectly fits to your weight, riding skills and style, we suggest you look into an “electric skateboard kit” also called…


Today we will have closer look at electric skateboard wheels. We divide between wheels for street, all-terrain and off-road. A few electric skateboards offer to switch between street and all-terrain…

Evolve Carbon GT engine


Evolve Carbon GT test. Today will have a closer look at the Evolve Carbon GT in our Electric Skateboard Test. Some fans think about it as the Ferrari of electric…

We started (the e skateboard blog) before, but we are now entirely focusing on the electric water sports. This is why we imported the most important articles here and continue to write about the latest top models.

Onewheel e Skateboard
Onewheel e Skateboard

That’s said, we love our eskateboards as well. We currently have the Onewheel+ XR, Onewheel Pint, the Evolve Cabon GT, The Evolve Bamboo GT (both with AT wheels) and the Yuneec. The Onewheel is our favourite and you can compare it with an electric hydrofoil on concrete. We sell the Onewheel in our shop as we think it is the best of the e-boards.

The E-Boards are on the market since about 2008 and we got our first board, which was a MO-BO Off-road electric skateboard in summer 2009. Since then the boards become much better. They are today lighter and have much more range. Unfortunately in some countries such like Germany the e-boards are not allowed on public streets. However a lot eskate fans are trying to convince the government to change this.