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Electric SUP – Paddle board with motor

Electric SUP
Electric SUP

An electric SUP surfboard also known as paddle board with motor is not designed for high speeds, but helps you to enjoy the nature and supports you on long trips. 

The E-SUPs are much slower than an electric surfboard or electric hydrofoil and usually less expensive as they need less power. You can basically divide between complete Electric SUP surfboards such like Sipaboards and Torque and conversion kits such like Scubajet or Bixpy. The conversion kits can be connected to a standard fin box and the engine replaces the fin. The engine is connected to a battery pack on the top of the board. You can find the latest models in our E-SUP Shop.

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SUPjet is an electric motor powered SUP surfboard made in California. It has a built in jet engine and a removable battery on the top of the board.



The electric sup Wavejet is developed in South Africa and the engine originally was designed for electric wave boards. A classic surfboard which would help you to catch the waves.

Motorised surfboard

Motor SUP Surfboard – A short overview

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More about the electric SUP:

Most of the boards are accelerated by a bluetooth remote control in your hand or at the end of the paddle. Complete E-SUP boards have the battery and the engine integrated into the board. Like traditional SUPs the E-SUPs are available as inflatable boards aka iSUP or with a hard hull.

The Electric SUPs are very easy to ride and are also suitable for families with children. Most boards have settings for even slower speeds, so that the kids can ride on their own. This happens via remote control or sometimes even via Smartphone App. Due to the slow speed there is hardly any danger for the kids. Nevertheless, you should never let the children ride without supervision and children should always wear life jackets.

The Scubajet is designed in Austria and as the name tells was originally designed for scuba-diving. It can however also be connected to SUP boards, kayaks and dinghies. Other than most of the engines which use a propeller the Scubajet is using a jet drive.

Conversion kits:

Complete Electric SUP boards:

You can compare the kits and complete boards in our E-SUP comparison.

In our forum you can ask questions about the different E-SUPs. E-SUPs are nothing for adrenalin junkies. It is for people who want to calm down and enjoy the nature. Or for families who want to enjoy the riding tother with their kids. Some boards are also designed for people who want t go fishing and cruise at low speeds from A to B. They feature stuff like seats, cooling boxes and so on. BTW, if you want to fly above the water, please check our eFoil.