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E-Surfer Interviews with eSurfboard veterans

E-Surfer Interview
E-Surfer Interview

Who are the people behind this eSurfboard and eFoil trend. Meet the founders and CEOs and listen what the industry veterans have to say in our electric surfboard Interview.

You will learn from the makers of the industry what is driving them. These pioneers spend endless hours developing something nobody has done before. They take risks and make major investments as they believe the electric surfboard dream. The picture here shows a test of a prototype which we joined. We usually meet the major manufacturers twice a year and became friends with most of them. We share our feedback to improve the products.

Our latest interviews:

The CEOs and founders of the e-surfer companies share their thoughts about how the future may look like for this sport and what the challenges are. Compared to electric skateboards an e-surfboard needs much more power, which easily can lead into heating problems. And of course, the battery, the controller and the remote control need to be absolut waterproof.

In our electric surfboard interview we are also learning about their hobbies as teenagers. As you can guess a lot of waterspouts, but also snowboarding and riding longboards. Some share what their next steps will be and what we can expect for the future.