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Electric Surfboard and eSurfboard news

Electric Surfboard & eSurfboard news
Electric Surfboard & eSurfboard news

An electric surfboard aka eSurfboard is powered by an electric motor and a jet engine. These Jetboards can achieve speeds up to 60 km/h and are much more silent compared to petrol powered Jetboards.

The electric surfboard market is rapidly growing with new players launching their eSurfboards every quarter. Reason enough for us to launch an electric surfboard blog to provide an overview about the different players. While petrol powered surfboards are out since more than a decade, the new electric Jetboards are still new and innovations are introduced every year. Next to the normal electric surfboards which are very similar to a standard surfboard we see a lot of hype around Electric Hydrofoils which let you fly above the water. You will find these in our Electric Hydrofoil section. Another section is about Electric Sup surfboards. You can get the latest electric surfboards in our Jetboard Shop.

Our latest electric surfboard articles:

Waterwolf Review


In our electric surfboard Waterwolf review we will have a closer look at the Waterwolf MPX-3 which is developed in Germany. We had the 2016 130 litre model in house for an unboxing video and of course test rides. Most electric surfboards have a jet engine, but Waterwolf and the eFoil come with a propeller. Please compare the different boards…



Today we will have a preview at the Waterrebels electric surfboard which is still in prototype phase at this time. The Surfrebel will be commercially available in 2018. The Surfrebel…

electric surfboard for sale


The phrase „electric surfboard for sale“ is one of the most common search terms on search engines if it come to electric surfboards. Reason enough for us to show you…

Lampuga electric surfboard (picture credits by Lampuga)


The Lampuga electric surfboard company from Hamburg in Germany announced on April 7th 2017 its bankruptcy. Since than not much news were to hear other than they are looking for…

Onean Carver surfboard


Last weekend we had the chance to take out the Onean Carver for an electric surfboard test on a lake close to Berlin. Rider Jens L. had to wait 1.5…

electric wakeboard


Time for our Radinn Wakejet Review. The Radinn Wakejet is called an electric wakeboard and was developed over 4 years in Sweden. It is combining the freedom of surfing with…

More about the electric surfboard:

Some electric surfboards are using propellers and others a jet engine. In our “compare boards” section you can see the differences between the electric surfboards available. Sometimes these boards are not for sale yet, so we rely on the information we get from the manufacturer website and from our forum. But we usually we get access to test boards before they are on sale and will write full reviews in such cases.

The first electric surfboards in the market were Onean from Spain, Lampuga from Germany and Waterwolf from Germany which launched 2016/2017. Lampuga went bankrupt in 2017, but opened again in 2018 with a new owner. The new Lampuga Air is shipping since August 2020. Like most of the electric surfboards it is using a jet. Onean started with an electric SUP called Manta and an jetboard called Carver. The Onean Carver was probably the most sold electric surfboard until early 2019, but struggled a little bit with power for rider above 80 kg. As a consequence Onean launched the Carver X in summer 2018 with 2 batteries and 2 jet engines, which can handle heavier riders.