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Not directly at the show floor at boot 2018, but off-site in a small pop-up office the CURF e-jetboard was introduced.

The CURF electric surfboard from CURF Technology GmbH claims to be the fastest electric surfboard with up to 38 mph or 61 km/h.

We had a chance to meet the crew and had a first look at 2 prototypes.

CURF e-Jetboard electric surfboard
CURF e-Jetboard electric surfboard

The CURF e-jetboard is not using a remote control, instead it is controlled with the handle which is connected to the nose of the electric surfboard.

Please note that all specs are based on the CURF website, but we will try to do a real review with a test board as soon as possible.

16,000 watt shall accelerating the jetboard from 0 to 31 mph or 50 km/h in 4.2 seconds. This is fast.

The powerful engine can also tow a waterski, wakeboard or hydrofoil as you can see on the videos at the CURF website.

CURF Technology GmbH prefers a wired Handle
CURF Technology GmbH prefers a wired Handle

CURF Technology GMBH developed a patent pending plug- & play replaceable battery system, which is supposed to make it very easy to exchange the batteries to extend the riding time.

One big battery set shall be good for 40 minutes and charges in 2 hours. The small battery set charges in one hour and is good for 20 minutes. A fast charger will be available at a later time

The CURF e-jetboard is 192 cm long, 73 cm wide, 26 cm high and has a weight of 66 lbs or 30 kg without batteries. The small battery is 13 kg and the big battery 18 kg according to the distributor website.

The CURF website was claiming some minor different specs, but this is due to the fact that the boards are still prototypes as confirmed in our meeting in Düsseldorf.

The retail price is 14,950 EUR and the e-jetboard shall be available from spring 2018.

CURF electric surfboard
CURF electric surfboard

CURF Technology GmbH is based in Hamburg, Germany and part of the crew is Benjamin Köhnsen, who was the former CEO and founder of the old Lampuga. The CURF e-jetboard is not sold directly to consumers, but CURF listed their distributors on their new website:

Currently they have a distributor for Germany, Benelux and Balearic Islands as well as a distributor for the Middle East.

The Distributor e-Fun Europe S.L. ( from Krefeld is also running a test center at a cable ski lake close to Krefeld.

3 Replies to “CURF e-jetboard – CURF Technology GmbH”

  1. Köhnsen is the guy against whom the prosecutor attorney investigates for fraud and other suspected crime in connection with his previous activity. Many Seedmatch crowdfunding investors and creditors who have lost their money thanks to Köhnsen will be excited about his comeback so fast …. The boards Köhnsen has produced are famous for their technical defects, and a number of them has burnt out quite often or became disabled after a Short time. So now he‘s coming back so soon with his buddies out of the dark and just continues….. Lots of fun with it!

    1. As far as I know there happend many unsightly things in the past, not only caused by Mister Köhnsen.
      I can assure you that one has learned from mistakes in the past and even more important  – technical errors from the Lampurga board have been eliminated. The new Curf has been developed with a lot of know how and experience. In my opinion we can enjoy soon  a high quality developed and mature e-jetbords.

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