We got a lot of questions about eFoil rental and Jetboard rental locations. Now the time has come. If you just want to try out an eSurfboard such as an electric hydrofoil or Jetboard, but don’t plan to buy an eFoil yourself for almost 15,000 EUR in the near future, we can help you now!

eFoil and Jetboard rental

The list is currently short, but we expect this to grow over the coming months. If you want to become a partner please contact us.

eFoil & Jetboard rental partner Germany:

E-surfer Test Center Berlin
Location: Eastern Berlin at Spree river
Website: e-surfer.com/en/electric-surfboard-test-center
Mobile: +49 30 20609981
Email: [email protected]

eFoil guiding
Location: Scharmützelsee, Brandenburg
Website: efoil-guiding.de
Mobile: +49 1525 1466524
Email: [email protected]

eFoil Uckermark
Location: Prenzlau, Uckermark
Website: www.efoil-uckermark.de
Mobil: +49 (151) 41838050
Email: [email protected]

Rental Italy:

Location: Vieste, Apulien
Carla Azzurra, 71019 Vieste, FG
Mobile: +39 347 88 71 44
Email: [email protected]

Rental Spain:

Jetboard Limited
Pasaje Mamia 7
Torreguardiaro, 11312 Cadiz
Mobile: +34 676 635 826
Email: [email protected]

Adrenalin Kite Area
Playa de Valdevaqueros
11380 Tarifa Spain
Mobile: +34 659 637338
Email: [email protected]

Rental Americas:

Lift Foils Jamaica
Falmouth Mystic Lagoon
Falmouth, Jamaica
Phone: +18767891770
Email: [email protected]

Lift Foils Brazil
Lote 8, Pontão do Lago Sul
Brasilia DF 71.630-100
Phone: +55 61 9 8432 8005
Email: [email protected]

eFoil & Jetboard rental Australia:

2/57 Cypress DriveBroadbeach Waters Gold Coast 4218 QLD
Phone: 0420 636 443
Email: [email protected]

eFoil for rent
eFoil for rent

Our eSurfboard rental partners have specialized in the rental of electric hydrofoils and Jetboards. Of course, there is also a training course here and you will be accompanied on the first trip. The offers are much more comprehensive and also cheaper than buying a board before testing it. The prices are usually around 200 – 300 EUR (subject to change).

For example, some partners offer the following options:

  • Group lessons
  • Water tours
  • Lessons for beginners and advanced
  • Rental to experienced drivers
  • etc.

If you are interested to partner with please contact us.