Today LiftFoils started the pre-order of its electric hydrofoil surfboard. There will be only a limited quantity available this year (scheduled for September) and you can reserve your eFoil now for a 2,500 USD deposit while the final price will be 12,500 USD plus shipping.


Lift Foils hydrofoil comes with a custom lithium battery in a IP67 waterproof housing, is easy to replace and should serve the rider for about one hour at 15 mph depending on the riders weight and speed.

The electric hydrofoil surfboard weights 30 pounds and comes with a wireless waterproof bluetooth remote which lets you accelerate up to 25 mph and shows you speed as well battery power. The remote floats and comes with a strap to secure it.

electric surfboard remote control
eFoil electric surfboard remote control

Lift has already 9 years experience with non electric hydrofoil surfboards (Kiteboards, surfboards & SUP) and offers 2 sizes of the E-Foil. The E1 and E1 sport. Both board and foil are built with an advanced carbon fiber construction.

The eFoil is easily assembled and taken apart. It breaks down into three separate components: board, motor/ mast and wings. Each component comes with a bag/carrying case for proper storage and transportation

eFoil surfboard
eFoil surfboard

If you don’t pre-order your electric hydrofoil surfboard in time you will need to wait for the next production run in 2018.

Please visit Liftfoils website for further information: