eFoil for sale – The Lift Foils eFoil is currently on sale as they just launched a promotion for the holiday season. Get about 2,000 USD off until December 31st 2020.

The Lift Foils eFoil was the first commercially available electric hydrofoil in the markt and no manufacturer has sold more E-FOILS worldwide. It started selling in summer 2018. You can see plenty of celebrities and professional surfers such like Kai Lenny, Mark Zuckerberg, Laird Hamilton and many more in the media enjoying to fly above the water.

eFoil on sale - Laird Hamilton is fan
eFoil on sale – Laird Hamilton is fan

Check out the social media and forums. You will not find complaining customers as the Lift Foils eFoil is a very reliable product which offers so much fun and new opportunities.

eFoil for sale discount:

This promotion did end December 31st 2020. You get the eFoil for the current price in our eFoil Shop.

Which board size shall I chose?

Lift is offering 4 board options. Pro, Sport, Cruiser and Explorer. The bestseller is the Cruiser followed by the Sport model.

Lift Foils eFoil board sizes
Lift Foils eFoil board sizes

Cruiser: The Cruiser is the Allrounder board and the bestseller. It fits most riders and is easy to learn so that even your friends can try it. It is however still agile enough to have a lot of fun.

Sport: You want some more? The Sport board is shorter and has less volume. It is harder to get up compared to the Cruiser especially if you are above 80 kg. Once you manage it you will even feel more freedom and enjoy  sharper turns.

Pro: As the name suggests this board is designed for very advanced users and not for heavy riders. You need definitely descent surfing, kitesurfing or hydrofoil experience to master this board. (LIMITED AVAILABILITY)

Explorer: This is the largest board and very easy to learn. Good for heavy riders and longer tours as you can attach some equipment to the board. This board is also recommended for schools and rentals. (LIMITED AVAILABILITY)

eFoil for sale – which color?

You can chose between white, blue and black. Black is actually not black, but the natural carbon fibre look. You know best which color you prefer. However, I would like to mention that darker colors heat up the board faster in the sun, which is not good for the electronics. So if you are riding in hot areas with a lot of sun and not much shadow, you should better not chose the black model.

Which wing shall I chose?

eFoil Classic Wings
eFoil Classic Wings

You can do a lot of fine-tuning with the wings once you are an experienced rider. You can easily switch between wings later. As a starter I would stick with the standard configuration, which is:

Cruiser: 170 wing below 80 kg / 200 Wing above 80 kg

Sport: 170 wing

Pro: 170 wing

Explorer: 250 Wing

Smaller wings need more speed to bring you up into the air which results in higher speeds. If you ride in a region with speed limits you may want to go with larger wings. The 250 wing can start flying below 15 km/h.

Please check out our 2021 eFoils wings.

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