ESURF electric jetboard from Sweden

Developed in Sweden the ESURF electric jetboard is supposed to launch later in 2018.

The first messages in social media promise a very light, but powerful electric surfboard which is supposed to make up to 60 km/h.

ESURF electric jetboard
ESURF electric jetboard

Don’t mix the ESURF with the eSURF S1 from ePropulsion. It is a completely different board and manufacturer.

The ESURF electric jetboard is 172 cm long, 58 cm wide and 12 cm thick and shall only way 9.8 kg plus another 14 kg for the battery.

23,8 kg is quite light for such a powerful board, if it can hold the promise of 60 km/h. The aggressive light shape will not bring much volume and is probably designed for advanced riders.

ESURF prototypes
ESURF prototypes

The battery is supposed to bring 30 minutes riding time in a so called “race mode”, can be replaced and shall have a charging time of 180 minutes.

The so called throttle display is giving quite a lot details about the board. Not only the speed, rpm and battery level, but also G-Force, GPS location, range, temperature and of course the mode you are riding.

ESURF from Sweden
ESURF from Sweden

The board is supposed to be available from April 2018 and more details about the board are expected to be released later in March.

We are looking forward to learn more about the ESURF electric jetboard and will keep you updated.

It is exciting to see how many new boards are supposed to come out in 2018. Hydrofoils, inflatables and JETSURF like power boards. So far most of them are only announced and not many test rides were possible.

ESURF electric jetboard from Sweden YouTube play

It is also to be seen when the boards are actually shipping. It is one thing to make an order, but in past some users had to wait for months to finally get their board.

For more information visit the ESURF website.

One Reply to “ESURF electric jetboard from Sweden”

  1. Hi Everyone

    Its Wayne from Jet Board Limited. I have to tell you that I am one of the lucky few to have ridden this awesome and incredible board. Im even more fortunate to be part of the amazing ESURF team. I think most that know me already can vouch for this but Im totally and sometimes brutally honest and unbiased. I have an open mind and positive outlook. Respect both old and new brands and I like to try help the smaller one man band as well as the larger manufacturers.

    This board is like none other I have ever seen or ridden. I have owned and ridden every board thats available on the market so I do believe that Im qualified to make such a bold statement. I can an will mention some of the points that have made and will continue to make this one of the most exciting and best boards around. Trust me guys. Keep an eye on this one. Its not very often that I would personally vouch for and highly recommend a jetboard but on this one Im all in and no holding back.

    Im a huge fan and lover of all things jetboard and I keep a close eye on everything but let me tell you there is nothing quite like the ESURF jetboard on the market and I do not believe there will be for quite a while. The ESURF jetboard has completely raised the bar and it taking the world of jet boarding to a new level. Its only just started and the progress, development and pushing of boundaries and technology has just begun.

    This was not made by some new startup company but instead was created by a man who knows the industry and all boards inside out. Many years of ridding, networking, researching and experimenting went into the planning and production of the ESURF board. A huge investment of both time and finances has gone into this. This was and is an extremely well thought out, planned and executed project.

    The team are hand picked from the best in the world and unlike most manufacturers who are all using the same freelance specialists and consultants the ESURF team are all permanent staff that work solely and exclusively on the ESURF jetboard and projects. You can only create such a board with a team of the best that have worked permanently, relentlessly and thoroughly with such enthusiasm, passion and drive. This is for sure the most dedicated and determined team that I have met or worked with to date.

    A huge thing to take into account is that every single part of this board is manufactured purely for this board and this purpose. In order to take things up a notch and create a board as unique as this you have to start from scratch and build everything you need. Most manufacturers avoid this and use standard parts off of the shelf to build boards and this is the barrier that restricts the progress. Everything off of the shelf has been used and done before. If all manufacturers keep using the same parts then they will obviously keep getting the same results.

    I was always a fan of the board in all honest because I have seen whats gone into it butler me tell you something. Nothing can prepare you for the instant power and speed that the ESURF gives you. Its actually quite scary to begin with and for the first time in my life I rode an electric jetboard that had more speed and power than I could have asked for. It had a longer battery and ride time than I could have wished for. The board is smaller than any other, its lightweight and so easy to carry. The ESURF is a beautiful piece of machinery and technology. I do believe that this is jetboard history in the making and I’m extremely happy and proud to be part of it.

    Keep an eye on the ESURF. In all honesty its going to be hard to miss. We will release technical specs and prices sometime in the near future but right now we are still enjoying and trying different combinations and specifications so please be patient. When we do release the final specifications all of you will know.

    So keep riding, following and supporting. Hopefully meet you in the water sometime.


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