ESURF electric jetboard from Sweden

Developed in Sweden the ESURF electric jetboard is supposed to launch later in 2018.

The first messages in social media promise a very light, but powerful electric surfboard which is supposed to make up to 60 km/h.

ESURF electric jetboard
ESURF electric jetboard

Don’t mix the ESURF with the eSURF S1 from ePropulsion. It is a completely different board and manufacturer.

The ESURF electric jetboard is 172 cm long, 58 cm wide and 12 cm thick and shall only way 9.8 kg plus another 14 kg for the battery.

23,8 kg is quite light for such a powerful board, if it can hold the promise of 60 km/h. The aggressive light shape will not bring much volume and is probably designed for advanced riders.

ESURF prototypes
ESURF prototypes

The battery is supposed to bring 30 minutes riding time in a so called “race mode”, can be replaced and shall have a charging time of 180 minutes.

The so called throttle display is giving quite a lot details about the board. Not only the speed, rpm and battery level, but also G-Force, GPS location, range, temperature and of course the mode you are riding.

ESURF from Sweden
ESURF from Sweden

The board is supposed to be available from April 2018 and more details about the board are expected to be released later in March.

We are looking forward to learn more about the ESURF electric jetboard and will keep you updated.

It is exciting to see how many new boards are supposed to come out in 2018. Hydrofoils, inflatables and JETSURF like power boards. So far most of them are only announced and not many test rides were possible.

ESURF electric jetboard from Sweden YouTube play

It is also to be seen when the boards are actually shipping. It is one thing to make an order, but in past some users had to wait for months to finally get their board.

For more information visit the ESURF website.