The Fliteboard eFoil – E-Hydrofoil made in Australia

The Fliteboard eFoil is an E-Hydrofoil made in Byron Bay, Australia. It has a beautiful design and will be available for sale in 2018.

The website is promising a high quality, environment friendly and easy to use E-Hydrofoil.

The Fliteboard eFoil
The Fliteboard eFoil

Electric Hydrofoil projects pop up almost every other week. Only Liftfoils eFoil is supposed to start shipping end of 2017. Most other projects are aiming for a 2018 launch.

Unfortunately many of these projects do not share a lot of information and stay in stealth mode until they are short before launching. Nobody wants to share to much information with competition.

Fliteboard’s website is certainly well made, but does not give a lot of details about the product neither. We requested more information about the Fliteboard eFoil, but the company is probably still in stealth mode as mentioned above.

Their eFoil will use quality Japanese battery cells to optimise between high energy and weight.

E-Hydrofoil made in Australia
E-Hydrofoil made in Australia

The board itself is made out of Paulownia wood while the mast and wings are done out of carbon and stainless steel. The combination looks beautiful and promises light weight and being strong at the same time.

The gearbox is engineered from German engineers and the motor is supposed to be powerful. The claim a range test of 17.4 miles (28 km) in 62 minutes at an average speed of 16.2 mph (26 km/h) and a maximum speed of 22.4 mph (36 km/h).

Beautiful e-Foil components
Beautiful e-Foil components

Most of the other information is quite generic and would probably fit to many other Hydrofoils such like LiftFoils eFoil as well.

The main pitch is „Ocean friendly“ because the Fliteboard eFoil is very quiet, has no emissions and is not causing big waves which would disrupt animals and other beach users. Like most eFoils 😉

We are very much looking forward to learn more about the Fliteboard eFoil project because it certainly looks awesome on their pictures and videos.

More information at

6 Replies to “The Fliteboard eFoil – E-Hydrofoil made in Australia”

  1. Hi guys I have the same question as above: what do they cost?

    Looks like a very slick version, the underwater profile looks spot on.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Pete Norton

  2. Looks good.
    Can the depleted batteries be removed & a secondary , charged pack drop in.,while the depleted battery charges, so you can keep going.
    What is the charge time for the batteries?
    Total weight?

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