Jetsurf Factory is known as a leader in petrol powered jetboards, but at boot 2018 in Dusseldorf the Jetsurf electric was introduced. The first electric jetboard by Jetsurf Factory.

The electric jetboard will be available in spring 2018 and for 2019 an electric hydrofoil surfboard is planned.

Jetsurf electric
Jetsurf electric

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We had a chance at boot 2018 to have a closer look at the Jetsurf as well as the electric hydrofoil from Jetsurf Factory. Given the experience in developing jetboards for multiple years the 2 prototypes looked promising.

The form factor of the Jetsurf E is very similar to the petrol powered jetboards, which means it is designed for advanced riders who like spectacular manoeuvres.

The electric jetboard by Jetsurf Factory comes with a weight of 62 lbs or 28 kg. It is 180 cm long, 60 cm wide and 15 cm thick.

electric jetboard by Jetsurf Factory
electric jetboard by Jetsurf Factory

For a price of 9,900 EUR it is claiming a speed of 28-31 mph or 45-50 km/h and a riding time of 15-25 minutes. The charging time is about 2.5 hours.

The riding time is much shorter compared to the petrol powered jetboards, but given the aggressive riding style of these boards, most riders will be exhausted anyways after 20 minutes.

The downside is that you have to charge 2.5 hours, so you should have 2-3 batteries for ongoing fun, but this will be probably expensive.

We put a table together to compare the Jetsurf E with the petrol powered Jetsurf Factory GP:

Jetsurf Factory GPJetsurf Electric
Fuel tankBattery
2.8 litres37 Ah
TankingCharging time
10 seconds2.5 hours
18.5 kg28 kg
Riding timeRiding time
40-60 minutes15-25 minutes
Plane transportPlane transport
classic luggagespecial cargo
Charging cyclesCharging cycles
Charger weightCharger weight
0.3 kg2 kg
Emissions (CO2)Emissions (CO2)
6.6 kg (1 mth)0 (with indirect emissions)
EU, CZ, Japan CE, USA EPAn/a

All specs are based on manufacturer information, but we already organised a test ride for early summer in order to share our own review.

We hope that we will also find out more about the 2019 electric hydrofoil that Jetsurf Factory is developing at this time.

electric hydrofoil by Jetsurf
electric hydrofoil by Jetsurf

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