In June 2018 Liftfoils started shipping the first 50 units of its eFoil. According to their website they have a “few hundred” pre-orders to fulfil over the next weeks.

If you order now they forecast a shipping time of 3-4 months. Resellers can sign up and will get the first shipments in October.

Liftfoils eFoil
Liftfoils eFoil

As part of their launch in June the team around Nick Leason put a few videos together in order to help customers with setup and first steps.

The videos are well made.

In their video number one “Initial Setup” you can see the different components very well. Watch the video here:

Lift eFoil How-To: Initial Setup - Video #1 YouTube play

So far they have published 7 instruction videos which are each around 3 – 5 minutes long.

No. 1 – Initial setup

This is the video above and shows you the different components in detail. It is an unboxing video, but gives you much more detail. Especially about the battery pack.

No. 2 – Safety

E-Foiling can be dangerous for you and others. Watch the safety video to learn what you should and shouldn’t do before, while and after you ride the eFoil.


No. 3 – Assembly

The eFoil is arriving in 3 boxes. While most of the parts are pre-assambled you have still to connect the mast, wings, battery and electronics.

In this video you will also learn more about the wireless hand controller.


No. 4 – Final Setup at the beach

Once you arrive at the beach it’s time for the final setup.


Liftfoils instruction videos
Liftfoils instruction videos

No. 5 – Your first ride

It’s time for the first ride. This video is explaining how you learn to ride an electric hydrofoil.


No. 6 – Liftfoils – Shut down & maintenance

After the first ride you will learn in this video what you have to do after the ride. It is also explained how you have to maintain the board between the rides.


No. 7 – How to foil

After the first practice rounds it is time to fly. This video explains how you get the foil flying.

A good training video for all kind of electric hydrofoils.


Okay. That’s it. If you are considering to buy an electric hydrofoil no matter if from Liftfoils or another vendor we suggest you watch all the videos.

They are well made and give you a good overview about what to expect from an electric hydrofoil.