The LOAWAI electric surfboards are developed by the company Watercraft Germany GmbH close to Hamburg in Germany. The LOAWAI jetboards belong to the most powerful electric jetboards in the market and were originally launched under the name CURF Jetboards in 2018, but the brand was changed to LOAWAI in May 2019.

Many electric surfboards are struggling with heavier riders above 100 kg, but not the LOAWAI electric surfboards which can carry up to 140 – 150 kg, which means actually 2 adults or one very heavy rider. The power can also be used to tow for example a wakeboarder, a water tube or a hydrofoil.

LOAWAI electric surfboards
LOAWAI electric surfboards

The electric surfboard industry is facing problems with delayed product launches. Many of the announced boards are sometimes even one year later not available. LOAWAI electric surfboards don’t struggle here. Onean, Lift Foils and Loawai were the first manufacturers which could ship in volumes since 2018. The Loawai standard model is shipping since summer 2018 and the Wake models since early 2019.

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The LOAWAI electric surfboards are not inexpensive with the standard model starting at 15,450 EUR plus VAT and shipping and the Wake model starting at 20,750 EUR plus VAT and shipping, but they offer premium quality and high-tech components, which have their price.

The Loawai jetboards are using 2 lithium ion battery packs with 1.6 kWh each to enable a riding time of 40-50 minutes

The Loawai standard electric surfboard

Very powerful Jetboards
Very powerful Jetboards
The standard model has a 14 kW engine with an output performance of 11 kW. This leaves some room for the engine and avoids overheating while you are towing someone. At the same time the 11 kW limitation is important in some countries such like Germany to avoid the need of a sport boat license.

With 11 kW the standard Loawai jetboard was still the most powerful jetboard in 2018 as you can see in our electric surfboard comparison. The jetboard can accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h in 4.4 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 53 km/h.

The board weighs 30 kg without the 2 batteries and has the dimensions of 192 x 73 x 27 cm. LOAWAI is offering 2 versions of a beach wagon in order to easily transport the board to the water. Once in the water the powerful engine is using the weight combined with the shape to cut aggressive turns and to master rough waters and waves.

The company introduced 2018 a PE (Polyethylene) hull which is extremely robust and it is available in 6 colours: white, yellow, orange, red, blue and turquoise.

LOAWAI jetboards with security leash
LOAWAI jetboards with security leash
You think the Loawai standard model is not powerful enough and you don’t care about a sport boat license? Well, no problem. Have a look at the second jetboard from Loawai:

LOAWAI WAKE jetboard

The engineers at Watercraft Germany GmbH love power. Although the had already one of the most powerful board in 2018 they came up with the LOWAI WAKE jetboard which has 19 kW power.

With this electric jetboard you can accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h in just 3.3 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 60 km/h. The engine can deliver a thrust of 135 kg. That’s a lot. The wake model has the same dimensions and is using the same components. It also comes in the same colours. 60 km/h is quite a lot and you should care to harm neither yourself nor others. On the other side so much power promises a lot of fun.

Max. Speed53 km/h60 km/h
0-50 km/h
4,2 sec (1)3,3 sec (1)
Thrust90 kg135 kg
Power14 kW19 kW
Dimensions192 x 73 x 26 cm192 x 73 x 26 cm
Weight30 kg (w/o battery)31 (w/o battery)
BatteriesPlug & play, Lithium-ion, swap systemPlug & play, Lithium-ion, swap system
Battery pack1600 Wh, L 830 mm, 18 kg1600 Wh, L 830 mm, 18 kg
Charging timequick: 1,75 hours (2) / normal: 6 hoursquick: 1,75 hours (2) / normal: 6 hours
Operating time40 minutes planing (1)40 minutes planing (1)

(1) = Operating time and max. speed are depending on weight, riding style and water conditions

(2) = Charging time with quick-charger (available option)

The LOAWAI electric surfboards are not using a wireless remote control, but instead a handle which is connected to the top of the board. For so much power the handle is needed similar as you can see it at the petrol powered JETSURF motorised surfboards.

Both models come with a standard charger which needs 6 hours to charge the battery, but the optional fast charger does the job in only 2 hours. The Plug & Play batteries are very easy to replace.

Plug & Play Batteries
Plug & Play Batteries
We actually have a LOAWAI standard model here in Berlin and are very pleased with the quality and the power. You can feel that the German company has a couple of years experience to produce jetboards. I am sure some people are concerned about the price, but with this amount of power it is replacing a Jetski which is in a similar price range.
Electric powered Jetskis are even ways more expensive und I personally enjoy a jetboard more as it offers more action, it easier to store and much easier to transport. You don’t need to slip it like a Jetski, you just carry it to the beach 😉
The LOWAI electric surfboards are available in the E-Surfer Shop. Please check them out. We will also offer test rides in Berlin in the near future.

Very soon we will publish some more photos in our forum. Stay tuned.

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