At boot 2018 in Dusseldorf a prototype of the MagicSurf motorised surfboard was presented the first time.

The german company Carbon Sports GmbH who is known for their Jetlev-Flyer has developed the petrol powered surfboard.

MagicSurf motorised surfboard
MagicSurf motorised surfboard

At the show it was offered for 9,999 EUR plus VAT and shipping. The 1 cylinder 2 strike engine is supposed to deliver 10 HP (horsepower).

The engine is water cooled and has an electric starter. The weight will be 19 kg.

Jetlev-Flyer had also a 2 stroke prototype at the booth with 22 HP (horsepower) which is supposed to make 60 km/h and has a price of 10,999 EUR plus VAT and shipping. The weight will be 22 kg.

The MagicSurf motorised surfboards are planned to be released already in May 2018.

You have a handle which acts as the remote control for accelerating, but there is no start / stop button.

You turn on and off the board with the magnetic button connected to your security leash. Once you put the button on, the board will start automatically after 4 seconds. And it will turn off if you pull the leash which is connected to the wrist.

MagicSurf from Jetlef-Flyer
MagicSurf from Jetlef-Flyer

We were really surprised to see the MagicSurf at the show. Nobody had heard about it before and a May 2018 release date sounds kind of aggressive.

Let’s see when they will come to market how they compare to the Jetsurf jetboards.

At least the company has a lot of experience with engines in the water. Their Jetpacks which are powered by a jet unit which looks similar to a jetski is selling between 30,000 and 100,000 EUR. Ups.

For more information about their Jetpacks please visit the Jetlev-Flyer website at

Currently there is no info yet about the MagicSurf, but it is supposed to come in May 2018.