Onean Carver Twin

Onean Carver Twin electric Jetboard

The Onean Carver Twin is a new Jetboard from Spanish manufacturer Onean. Onean replaced the Carver with the Carver Twin, but keeps the Carver X and Manta. The new Jetboard…

Waydoo Flyer flying surfboard

Flying Surfboard Waydoo Flyer at CES 2020

The flying surfboard Waydoo Flyer got a lot of attention at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Why? Well they were the only electric surfboard manufacturer here in Las Vegas who…

Lampuga Rescue

Electric surfboard for Lifeguards – Lampuga Rescue

The Lampuga Rescue is an electric Surfboard for Lifeguards. These Jetboards are still new, but if you think about it – they make more than sense to support rescue services. They are fast and have enough volume to carry 2 adults. Lampuga from Germany is offering a special build of the Lampuga Air for Lifeguards.