E-SUP Sipaboards review

Sipaboards review – Motor Paddle Board

For our Sipaboards review we took the inflatable motor paddle board and did an unboxing video as well as multiple test rides to share our experience with you.

Fliteboards e-foils

Fliteboards electric hydrofoils are shipping

Fliteboards began shipping after an extensive 3-year development program. Fliteboard is based in Byron Bay, Australia, but has a European subsidiary (Fliteboard Europe s.r.l.) located near Venice in Italy. Fliteboard is currently producing and shipping around 30 boards per week. Customers from over 35 countries have ordered boards, with the majority of customers based in Europe. The waiting time is currently…

Surf Rebel X jetboard

Surf Rebel X by Waterrebels

It has been a while since we published anything about Waterrebels, but now with the Surf Rebel X new updates are available. We meet CEO Stefan Klug quite often as…

CabraTec EasyGoat jump with bindings

CabraTec EasyGoat 2019 electric foil models

As the season is starting the CabraTec EasyGoat 2019 models were presented and the team around Mira send us a few updates. The price did increase from last year about…


LOAWAI e-JETBOARD formerly known as CURF

Did you hear about the LOAWAI e-JETBOARD? You may know it already as it was formerly called the CURF jetboard until the company decided to rename themselves due to trademark…

H5 Hover Foil from Hoverstar

Hoverstar is a company from Shenzhen in China who develops the electric hydrofoil board H5 Hover Foil next to some other water-toys. They have an Aquajet which is supporting scuba divers…