PinniJet – Electric Jetsurfer from Italy

Ferruccio from lake Como in Italy is developing an electric Jetsurfer called PinniJet.

He is already testing his 2nd generation prototype and is considering to offer the PinniJet for sale in the future.

PinniJet 2.0 from Italy
PinniJet 2.0 from Italy

With a weight of 86 lbs or 39 kg the PinniJet 2.0 is reaching a speed up to 33 mph or 53 km/h. That’s not bad.

The reason for that power is a 20,000 watt brushless motor which is powered by a removable battery which will last currently 25-30 minutes depending on the speed and of course the weight of the rider.

Electric Jetsurfer prototype
Electric Jetsurfer prototype

The black body of the boards is done with sandwich technology and looks very much like a surfboard. Similar to the Waterwolf, but Waterwolf is using a propeller while the PinniJet has a jet engine.

The first prototype had with this amount of power problems with heating up the battery and the ride would only last for 10 minutes.

The 2nd generation is already much better, but there is still some way to go to have a mass production product.

The PinniJet has a big fin for stabilisation
The PinniJet has a big fin for stabilisation

The electric jet surfer from Italy has a big fin for stabilisation and a safety leash which will turn off the motor if the rider is falling from the board.

We have a video of the PinniJet in our video section. It looks promising.

We wish Ferruccio all the best for his next generation surfboard in 2018. If you want to connect with him, please visit his Facebook page at:

It looks like he is also a good kitesurfer from what we can see on his Facebook page. Well, if you live on such a nice place at lake Como you should definitely do waterspouts 😉

We are looking forward to hear more about this project in future.

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  1. How can a lampuga last 45 mins? If the motor draws that huge amount of KW, and would need to draw that much to reach 58km/h, then the battery would have to be nearly as big as the board. It’s great they are back, but people should be honest when it comes to the products they produce. Ask any engineer, the mathematics does not work out….

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