Sipaboards Electric SUP with motor

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Sipaboards Electric SUPElectric SUPE-SUPSUP with motorSipaboards Electric SUPSipaboards Electric SUP
Sipaboards Electric SUPElectric SUPE-SUPSUP with motorSipaboards Electric SUPSipaboards Electric SUP

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Sipaboards Electric SUP with motor

The strong and sturdy design of the Sipaboards electric SUP Surfboard makes it a great board for families, beginners and those who want to paddle for the fun of it. It’s perfect for all ages and experience levels and is big enough to fit a dog, a child or two, or even a cooler for day-round trips.


Experience level: no experience
Max. Speed: Up to 7 km/h
Range: Up to 180 minutes
Charging time: About 180 minutes
Weight incl. battery: 13 kg
Length: 335 cm
Width: 90 cm
Deliver time: 3 weeks (aprox.)
Propulsion: Jet
Max. load: 130 kg
Remote control: yes


From 2,299€ incl. German VAT - without shipping

1.931,93€ excl. German VAT


Awarded with the Red Dot Best of the Best and ISPO Gold awards, Sipaboards are designed and made to empower you and your ride. Go beyond the cove, discover more than ever before and return safely, if the tides or weather changes.

Find new shores and spend countless hours of fun on the world’s smartest E-SUP. Feel free to paddle on and explore a whole new world atop your board!


  1. Dropstitch core
  2. First layer of vinyl based fabric
  3. Second layer of vinyl based fabric
  4. Side reinforcements
  5. Comfortable EVA foam
  6. Durable outer edge

All SipaBoards come with a high quality, durable, easy to use board bag that lets your board air out while already packed. A special carry strap will help you getting the board to water effortlessly, while the dual-purpose leash will keep you safely connected to your board while on water.

3 Sipaboards models:

  1. All-Rounder: (2,299 EUR) The SipaBoards All-Rounder Drive is the original classic. After it inflates itself for you, let it take you on long paddling sessions for hours on end. Pack a bag with everything you need and paddle off. Go further, see what’s around the bend, and find that perfect hidden spot.
  2. Drive Tourer: (2.399 EUR) The SipaBoards Tourer Drive is a board built for more. Faster, lighter and longer than other Drive Collection models, this spear-headed SUP will glide through streams wherever you take it. The extended waterline allows the SipaDrive to develop up to 7 km/h and add some power so that your rides can become full size explorations. Sleekly cut for easy maneuverability and low drag, the Tourer Drive is still a well balanced and considerably stiff board. A perfect choice for experienced paddlers and those who cannot stop exploring the coastline.
  3. Fisherman Drive: (2,649 EUR) The SipaBoards Fisherman is a heavy-duty board, with tons of space for a cooler and a tackle box. Its motor runs quietly enough not to scare the fish, and fast enough to help you trawl. Dedicated rings are used to drop anchor, attach nets, and tie down all other accessories outdoor enthusiasts need. It is the board that takes you to where the fish are biting. You’ll be in your element, casting and reeling in all day. To catch some bigger fish you’ll turn the motor on and paddle, fixing your fishing pole to trawl behind you on your way. We worked extensively with fishing and paddleboarding professionals to give them exactly the SUP they asked for. The SipaBoards Fisherman is IT!
  4. Optional Paddle: (299 EUR) If you don’t have a paddle yet, we recommend the Sipaboards Paddle

Mobile App

The smartest board comes with a smart app too! Use our app to track your rides, get updates, control and adjust the board’s settings and much more.

Motor Drive

The heart of every SipaBoard E-SUP is a jet propulsion engine with an integrated compressor – the SipaDrive. This pumps up your SUP for you in less than 5 minutes, and then makes it smoother and more stable when you get going. It provides 3 hours of fully assisted cruising at a speed of 2 knots.

Perfect pressure

With the SipaDrive’s built in compressor, your board inflates itself to the optimal pressure in minutes. You can always correct and adjust the pressure for your optimal riding experience.

Sipaboards Remote control

The Bluetooth remote control can be mounted to any oar and offers drive control, pressure settings and LED control with the push of a button – without affecting your grip and oar handling.

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