Ewave accessories

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Ewave TubeEwaveEwave E-Foil KitEwave battery
Ewave TubeEwaveEwave E-Foil KitEwave battery

Ewave accessories

There are different Ewave accessories and spare parts available such like batteries, tubes and very soon an electric hydrofoil option.


Experience level: intermediate
Delivery time: 8 weeks (aprox.)
Propulsion: Jet
Remote control: no


3,249€ incl. German VAT - without shipping

Note: For a final offer we need your shipping location in order to calculate the VAT and shipping cost.



Ewave spare battery:

Our top seller under the Ewave accessories. You want to extend your riding time? Spare batteries can be easily exchanged and the riding time can be doubled or tripled if your have spare batteries. Just plug & play. One battery lasts about 30 minutes has a voltage of 48V and a capacity of 56 Ah. The battery can be charged in about 2 hours.

Price: 3,249 EUR incl. 19% German VAT

Ewave accessories – Tube:

Need some help at the beginning? The Ewave race-jetboard can be challenging to ride for beginners. Ewave does now  offer a tube. The tube makes the Jetboard floating without having any speed. It is designed for beginners and kids. You will loose the ability for sharp turns and high speeds once the tube is on, but again it is for beginners and kids. The Tube can be easily mounted and dismounted from your Ewave Jetboard.

Price: 859 EUR incl. German VAT

Ewave accessories: hydrofoil kit
Ewave accessories: hydrofoil kit

Ewave Electric Hydrofoil Kit:

Not sure if you shall buy an electric hydrofoil or a Jetboard? Well, Ewave will very soon offer both in one. Due to the modularity of the Ewave Jetboard, you will be able to take out the jet drive and replace it with a mast, wings and a propeller to transform your Jetboard into an E-Foil. We expect the kit to be available from May 2020.

Price: not available yet

Ewave Beach wheels:

Last but not least, a small but very fine feature: In the future, 2 beach wheels can be attached directly to the board, which will make transportation to the beach considerably easier. The wheels do not have to be fastened with belts, they are simply inserted. We expect the Beach Wheel Kit from May 2020.

Price: not yet available

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