Ewave Jetboard

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Ewave V2Ewave V2 JetboardEwaveEwave batteryEwave blue2020 Ewave
Ewave V2Ewave V2 JetboardEwaveEwave batteryEwave blue2020 Ewave

Ewave Jetboard

The Ewave Jetboard is a race board for adrenaline junkies. It is designed for sharp turns and high speed. It is not as easy to ride as the Lampuga surfboard and addressed towards advanced riders.


Experience level: intermediate
Max. Speed: 56 km/h
Range: 30 minutes
Charging time: 120 minutes
Engine: 10 kWh
Weight incl. battery: 42 kg
Length: 176 cm
Width: 610 cm
Delivery time: 8 weeks (aprox.)
Propulsion: Jet
Max. load: 100 kg
Remote control: no


10,490€ incl. German VAT - without shipping

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Ewave Jetboard:

The EWAVE electric surfboard comes to market after 4 years of development. Ewave produces all components themselves. For the footpads a new shock absorbent material called D3 was licensed. The fins are from FCS, so it is very easy to replace them. Look at the design. It is beautiful.

The desire was to build a light weight electric jetboard with enough power to compete with petrol powered surfboards. The maximum speed is 56 km/h. 2 models are available. The V2-6000 model has 6,000 RMP (rotations per minute) while the V2-5000 model has 5.000 RPM. We recommend the 6,000 model. The board has 10 kW power and the components are water-cooled.

The 2.5 kW battery has a weight of 15 kg and will charge in 2 hours for offering up to 30 minutes riding time depending on the conditions and weight of the rider. The battery has 2 soft release handles for easy transport and comes in a metal case which is  fire-proof. The battery is running at 48 V and 56 Ah.

The full carbon fibre Jetboard has the dimension of 176 x 61 x 18 cm and weighs 42 kg including the 22 kg battery and can carry riders up to 100 kg. The battery charge can be monitored very easy with LEDs on the handle.

If you are looking for action this is your board. You can even ride it in big waves.

Compare the 2 models:

modelEwave V2-5000Ewave V2-6000
materialCarbon FiberCarbon Fiber
power10 KW10 KW
torque5,000 RPM6,000 RPM
top speed56 km/h56 km/h
battery life30 minutes30 minutes
weight42 kg42 kg
voltage / capacity48V / 56 Ah48V / 56 Ah
charging time2 hours2 hours
cooling systemexternal water-cooledexternal water-cooled
maximum load100 kg100 kg
price excl. VAT8,820 EUR8,820 EUR

Ewave accessories:

Spare batteries, a tube and an electric hydrofoil option are available on our Ewave accessories page.

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