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The LOAWAI e-JETBOARDLoawai surfboardLoawai electric surfboardLoawai JetboardLoawai JetboardLoawai Jetboard
The LOAWAI e-JETBOARDLoawai surfboardLoawai electric surfboardLoawai JetboardLoawai JetboardLoawai Jetboard

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The LOAWAI e-JETBOARD is one of the most powerful electric surfboards on the market. It is easy to ride and you can even tow a wakeboarder with this jetboard made in Germany. The weight is also helpful in waves and rough waters.


NOTE:  The reason why we gave the board  only 5 out of 5 stars is the power, quality and short delivery times. We created a separate website for this product at jetboard.shop in order to inform you about more details, price structure etc. We also created a questionnaire at jetboard.shop in order to find the right board for you.

The LOAWAI e-JETBOARD can reach a maximum speed of 53 km/h with the 14 kW engine (11 kW output) and accelerates from 0 to 50 km/ in just 4.4 seconds. It is powered by two plug & play lithium ion batteries which have 1.6 kWh each. If you are looking for power this is your board.
The electric jetboards are using the 2018 introduced PE (Polyethylene) body which has proved to be very robust and are now offered in 5 different colours: white, yellow, orange, red and turquoise.

The Loawai Research & Development team in Hamburg has engineered a system with perfect grip for facing steep waves, working seamlessly with slight shifts in weight placement to fine-tune the user’s speed. The LOAWAI is also suitable for fun in pairs as it is powerful enough to pull a wakeboard or water ring.

With 66kg (20 kg for the board plus 2 batteries with 18 kg) the board seems heavy, but you do not feel this in the water as it is so powerful. The reason for the weight is the robustness of the hull plus the extra safe battery packs. The weight does also help if you tow a wakeboarder.

The following options are available:

  • Extra Battery Set (2) = 7.250 EUR
  • Power restriction = 390 EUR
  • Boardbag = 510 EUR
  • Extra fins set = 151 EUR
  • Extra charger (5 hours) = 679 EUR
  • Extra quick charger (2 hours) = 2.400 EUR
  • Beach trolley (small wheels) = 355 EUR
  • Beach trolley (large wheels) = 555 EUR

All prices above incl. 21% VAT (without shipping). We will calculate the exact price for other countries once we know your delivery address.


Experience level: no experience
Max. Speed: 53 km/h
Range: 40-50 minutes
Charging time: 120 (fast charger) minutes
Engine: 11 kWh
Weight incl. battery: 66 kg
Length: 192 cm
Width: 73 cm
Delivery time: 2 weeks (aprox.)
Propulsion: Jet
Max. load: 140-150 kg
Remote control: no




15.450€ excl. VAT, excl. shipping

Note: For a final offer we need your shipping location in order to calculate the VAT and shipping cost.