Onean Carver

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Onean Carver Rideronean remote controlOnean Carver finsOnean Carver board bag
Onean Carver Rideronean remote controlOnean Carver finsOnean Carver board bag

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Onean Carver

The Onean Carver is designed for riders below 75 kg and is shipping in volumes since 2017. It is a good entry level electric surfboard for light riders.



NOTE: If you are not sure which board is the right one for you, we strongly suggest you get your personal offer from our experts. In order to get such an offer please fill out our form in our electric surfboard buying guide. The reason why we gave the board only 3 out of 5 starts is the limitation for light riders.

The Onean Carver electric surfboard is developed in Spain and on the market since 2016. The Carver is the ideal go-to option for users and to enjoy the feeling of gliding above flat waters, if they are below 75 kg. With this Electric Board you will immerse yourself into a completely new and unbelievable sense of freedom. Tides and wind conditions dependencies remain to the past, now you have nothing to depend on but yourself.

The Carver Pack includes the board with his wireless control, one battery, 2 optional foot straps, a tool kit one charger, one fin set, one Carver bag and a trigger. The board has a volume of 170l and a weight of 18 kg without battery.


1. Carver Board. Sandwich construction and CNC shaped EPS core.

2. Water Jet Unit. Dual-Core Brushless electric motor. High efficiency axial water pump designed by Aquila Boards.

3. Electric Drive. First Class electric components designed by Bizintek for Aquila Boards for a smooth power control.


Experience level: beginner
Max. Speed: 35 km/h
Range: 40 minutes
Charging time: 180 minutes
Engine: 5,000 kWh
Weight incl. battery: 26 kg
Length: 240 cm
Width: 70 cm
Delivery time: 2 weeks (aprox.)
Propulsion: Jet
Max. load: 75 kg
Remote control: yes




4,990€ excl. VAT, excl. shipping

Note: For a final offer we need your shipping location in order to calculate the VAT and shipping cost.